Guest Post! Feat. Nicollette!


Hi Everyone!
Today divinelyrooted has the pleasure of featuring a fellow naturalista Nicollette! I’ve been following her instagram for a little while now because her hair is always looking bomb! Not even realizing that I recognized her from going to the same college! Tell me it’s not small world. I’m sure you will enjoy her tips and advice on her natural hair journey as much as I did! Without further adieu!

  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Naturalistas! My name is Nicollette, born and raised in the Boogie down Bronx, and officially became %100 natural April 4th 2014 yay me haha! I enjoy inspiring others to continue their natural hair journeys through my YouTube account and my Instagram (YT- modelesquenic; Instagram- modelesque_nic)
  1. How long have to you been natural and what inspired you to do so?
    I became natural just recently in April. My reason for becoming natural happened after my cousin and sister both suggested should. I was a major creamy crack addict and could never imagine being a naturalista. In April 2013, I decided it was time for me to stop getting relaxers and begin my natural journey. Being a natural has by far been one of the best and rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.
  1. What was the biggest problem you faced while transitioning? 
    I’d say detangling was a major issue for me because I usually wear my hair curly most times so after about 5 days in my hair will be knotting by the time wash days comes around. I dread wash days sometimes haha.                                                           nico
  1. What is your signature hair style?
    I think my curly frohawk is my sig! It’s easy, cute, and effortless!                                                                  nico1
  1. What is your natural hair regime over a months’ time?
    HMM, tricky! Lol .. My regime changes very often actually. I’m always watching naptural85 and mahoganycurls YT channels so I learn and observe from them. I’d say for wash days I stick to 3 shampoos and 1 conditioner if my hair is really dirty. Other than that I do 3 conditioners for regular wash days. Every time I do use shampoo I make sure my conditioner is always a deep condition. Once I even tried an overnight deep condition which made my hair extremely soft and manageable!
  1. What is the greatest lesson you have learned over the course of your journey? What advice would you give others? 
    I’d say my biggest lesson was to never join the relaxed hair era! If I could go back I’d stay true to my natural hair (Imagine my hair would be to my lower back by now ughh! Haha) So if you are still natural stay natural!! You have beautiful curls embrace them if not pass them to me haha!
  1. Do you have an instagram or a blog where we can find you? 
    Sure! My Instagram is @modelesque_nic, My Youtube channel can be found at, my pinterest, and my tumblr is Thanks Guys ! xoxo


The Evolution of a Twist Out

Hi guys! The title is pretty self explanatory, but I feel like I should show you guys this amazing twist out I had going on this week. So on Tuesday, I did a flat twist and pinned my roots down so they wouldn’t bunch up.
On Wednesday and Thursday AND Friday, I wore them out. :)
It was very easy to maintain it over night. I simply pineappled, put my bonnet on, and went to bed. Perfect and low maintenance for this girl who is always on the go!
It got a lot bigger with a lot more volume, lol. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️














Guest Post! Feat. Amma!

amma1 (1)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
It’s been quite sometime since someone else has shown their face on our blog. I think our readers deserve a break from the usual and it’s always great to read about another persons personal journey. I find it interesting and extremely helpful, so here it is! Our guest today is Amma. I came across her blog Click Here! that I really enjoy reading a few months back. So without further adieu meet Amma! :)

 1. Introduce Yourself
Hello ! My name is Amma  aka Amma Mama online. I am 26, from Ghana and I live in Maryland. I am not a natural expert at all but I really like the way natural hair looks. I am definitely a natural hair enthusiast.

Inline image 1

2.  How long have to you been natural and what inspired you to do so? 
I have been natural for four years. What inspired me to go natural was looking at my old childhood pictures, particularly the one below. Years of constant relaxers thinned my naturally thick hair and I missed that thickness. I was also inspired by Mae aka Natural Chica {pictured with me below} and Sunshine Abuwi.  While I transitioned during the summer of 2009, I followed their natural hair journey via their blogs. I read their blog posts weekly just for natural hair inspiration and tips. I also discovered Black Girl Long Hair that summer and it also inspired me.


Inline image 1

Inline image 3
Last summer {2013} at The Naturalista Hair show {in Maryland } with Mae aka Natural Chica
3.  What is the biggest struggle you face being natural and how do you overcome it?
 The biggest struggles I face is dry hair, de-tangling and retaining length. I don’t think I have overcome any of this. However, I do try to eat healthy, workout and drink plenty of water because I know my inside effects my outside (including my hair). I also try to keep my hair moisturized by moisturizing it every other day or whenever it feels very dry. I  de-tangle while my hair is still wet or damp and use a de-tangalizer {Kinky-Curly Knot Today or SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler} along with a wide tooth comb in order to avoid breakage. I also try to do protective styles because I retain length more when I am not styling or combing my hair everyday.
 4.  What is your signature hair style?
My signature hairstyle is Celie Twists {pictured below}! I wear them to work, the gym, church, weddings, to run errands, and just about everywhere in life. It’s an all purpose hairstyle that has been very good to me even though I am tired of it
Inline image 1
Celie Twists on air-dried hair

 5. What is your natural hair regime over a months time?
Over a months time, I wash, co-wash and condition my hair as often as I need to. I used to wash and blow-dry my hair once a month. However, I sweat a lot at the gym and my hair and scalp need to be washed more often. So I wash and condition or  co-wash, condition, air-dry and put Celie Twists in. Sometimes I blow-dry my hair but it’s really pointless because it sweats out at the gym.

6  What is the greatest lesson you have learned over the course of your journey? What advice would you give others? 
The greatest lesson I have learned is that water is my hair’s friend. Other than washing my hair, I used to avoid using any water or water based products in my hair because it caused shrinkage. However, water really helps to loosen up my roots and it makes my hair easier to comb. There isn’t any product{s} that works on my roots the way that water does. I would advise others to find out what works best for their hair. You have to know what your hair likes and dislikes. It’s important to read and do research as well. Experiment and go through trial and error. Don’t be scared of your hair and have patience with it. Love it, be gentle with it and treat it with care. Just like a newborn

7.  Do you have an instagram or a blog where we can find you? 
- My personal Instagram is @ammamama.
- My blog Instagram is @allthingsammamama.
- My blog is for all  the things I love/like including natural hair among many other things!

amma2 (2) amma3 (1) amma 5

But This Braid Out Situation Though…

Hello lovies! I’m coming to you today with a quick hair of the day, a braid out. It came out really well and I just LOVED my hair for the entire day.
I started on dry, week old hair that had been kept in a bun all week. I went through section by section, got it damp enough to manipulate it without breakage, and added Curls Curl Gel’esc(sp?).
I then braided it up. I used the same pattern I used with my flat twist out and braided half of my head downward so that it could fall in my face. I made about fourteen braids over my whole head.
When I got ready to go out, I slicked my hands up with some olive oil and unraveled the braids. I made my best effort to be very careful, so that I could keep the definition.
After that, I used my pick to make it a little bigger. I did very minimal separating. Here are the results!







My Experience with Manetabolism!

Hey Everyone!
Last month I purchased a one month supply of Manetabolism after seeing countless posts on Instagram of people who experienced major growth from taking these pills. I couldn’t resist. If you aren’t familiar with Manetabolism it’s a vitamin that aids in healthier hair, skin, & nails by supplying nourishment to the bodys cells and by directly targeting hair follicles, nail beds, & skin layers. It also helps strengthen your immune system and boost energy levels! In the beginning I wasn’t too consistent. I would miss a day or two here and there, but nothing too extensive. Mandisa suggested that I set an alarm for the same time everyday, to help me remember to take the pills, and it was smooth sailing from there. I’m not going to go in depth about the company because they do have a page with FAQ’sNutritional FactsIngredients, & Testimonials. Click the links!

My Experience

Hair Growth
Before taking these pills I did trim about an inch and a half off because my ends were horrible. People have said that their hair feels thicker, but I think my hair feels the same. I have a lot of strands of hair on my head but my hair isn’t that thick/dense so I wasn’t really expecting that.

Size & Taste
The pills are pretty large for me, but I got used to it. I’m glad that their coated in plastic which makes it easier to glide down my throat. They don’t taste bad, but they do smell a little funny (That’s the least of my worries).

Hair growth in other areas on my body besides my head?
No, everything was pretty much growing at the same pace as it normally would. But my nails were growing like weeds and they’re a lot stronger.

My Scalp
I didn’t experience and problems with my scalp constantly itching and I didn’t have that much shedding. In fact I think the pills help reduce my normal amounts of shedding which is great.

My Diet
Before taking the pills one of my new year resolution’s is to drink more water everyday. It’s recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces for your body to function properly. So around the same time I got the pills I purchased a 48 ounce water bottle off amazon for almost $15.00 and I absolutely love it. If you’re interested I’ll leave the link here. It’s basically everything I want in a water bottle. It has a wide mouth so its easy to clean, it has a screw on cap that’s attached, no leaking, and the plastic is nearly indestructible and BPA-Free. This bottle was a great investment. It’s always important to eat as healthy as you can, and have a balanced|proper diet to work with whatever supplement you may be taking. It doesn’t make much sense to take vitamins if your continuing to feed your body junk. Make an effort to eat properly, exercises to aid in experiencing optimum results. :)

Would I buy these pills again?
Maybe in the future but not right away. The pills do work but I think I would rather just let my hair grow at it’s normal pace. Which is about a 1/2 an inch and I’m okay with that. I’m going to continue to take my one a day woman’s multivitamin. I would still suggest it to someone else because it is a good product. In fact my mom is thinking about buying it.

I did experience break outs on my along my chin/jawline. They weren’t really pimples but bumps that would get really sore. I do have acne prone skin, but I pretty much have it under control. When I do break out it’s usually that time of the month and it’s never along my jawline more so my cheek area. So I’m positive it’s from the pills. That’s the only issue I had.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about the company their website is
Instagram: themanechoice &
The Founder of the company The Mane Choice and creator of The Manetabolism Vitamins her’s is courtneynaturalhair

I hope this was helpful to someone!
If you have anymore questions leave them in the comment section! <3






Hairfinity Update!

Hi guys! It’s been a month since I’ve been taking Hairfinity, and I told you if be back with results. Here I am! :)
First off, I made sure to follow the directions on the bottle exactly to ensure the best results in 30 days. The pills are pretty big, so if you have a problem taking pills, you may have a problem taking these.
I took them every night at around the same time, right before bed.
I didn’t notice any side effect, and that was something that I was very wary of. Prior to purchasing them, I had read about headaches, itchy scalp, and more side effects from taking Hairfinity. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any of that.
For the most part, I kept my hair under wigs. When it wasn’t under wigs, apart from the occasional flat twist out, my hair has been up and away from my face.
Does my hair feel stronger? Nope. My hair feels the exact same way. I don’t know how people say their hair feels stronger. How can a person tell that? Anyway, I know you guys are all waiting for the growth results, riiiight?

OK, here they are.
At this present moment, my hair is 10 1/2 inches in the back and about 10 in the front. According to my last length check, my hair hasn’t changed. Weird, huh? It’s crazy because I definitely feel like my hair has grown. It might have been because it was straight when I checked it. I don’t plan on straightening it for a while, though. I purchased another two month supply so I guess I’ll straighten after those two months to really see the growth. I know it’s there, lol.

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️





Transitioners Guide To Natural Hair

Hi Everyone!
Lately quite a few people have come up to me asking about what I did during my transition to natural hair and if I have any tips for those who are considering doing the same. I’m not here to convince anyone on what they should/shouldn’t be doing to their hair because everyone has their personal preferences. But If you have already made up in your mind to go natural but not necessarily interested in chopping your hair off all together, this post is for you.  Now that my transition stage is over I thought it would be helpful to mention some tips that helped me through this process.

It’s important to realize that like relaxed hair, natural hair also has to be cared for and maintained. Many people think that natural hair requires more effort, time, and attention, and that maybe true but all hair types have their individual pros and cons. At the end of the day hair is delicate and fragile. If you aren’t careful with it especially when transitioning you can chance experiencing breakage if not handled properly. That’s why it’s very important to do your research and learn from others. :)

I would say the basis of it all is to know what works for your hair, stay away from heat as much as possible,  avoid protective styles that cause tension and stress on the hair and scalp, use silk pillowcases and/or bonnet, STAY CONSISTENT and PATIENCE IS KEY.

Although that may sound pretty simple it’s important to remember that while transitioning you’re dealing with 2 different textures. Both of them need to handled properly to achieve growth and little breakage along the way. The key to this is balancing moisture and protein in your hair regime. This will even carry on throughout your natural hair journey.


Aside from our hair it’s also important to keep our bodies hydrated and water is answer. The good thing about being natural is that you don’t have to be afraid of water or getting your hair wet. I always like to end my shampoo and conditioning with a deep condition session. After the deep conditioner is rinsed out apply a leave in.  Throughout the week it’s always good to re-moisturize your hair and seal it in with a butter or a light oil like extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil. Remember oils do not moisturize the hair water does. If  your moisturizer doesn’t have water as the first ingredient…chances are it’s not doing it’s job. I try to wash my hair once a week. It’s the perfect opportunity to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb working from ends to root gently. This tool will be your best friend.


This is what makes up your hairs structure and strength, protecting from any damage from styling, detangling etc. Our hair itself is made up of mostly keratin which is a form of protein. Too much of anything can be a travesty, so remember to find the balance between protein and moisture. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle I would say you could use more moisture in your regime. If your hair seems to be limp or lacking elasticity I would try a protein treatment. I try to do these every other week (twice a month).


Super, Super, SUPER important. Everyone wants healthy growing hair, to do so there must be a clean environment for that to take place. Dirty clogged follicles from product build up can slow down growth. As I said before I wash my hair once a week but I know others who wash their hair once or twice a month. This is one of those situations where your own personal preferences step in. It is good to dilute your shampoo with water because some of them have a tendency to be very drying. “PrePooing” has helped me combat shampoos from stripping my hair from it’s natural oils. Coat your hair will coconut or olive oil (this is the simplest from of a prepoo there are many recipes), let it sit and marinate for an hour, wash as normal. Also wash your hair in SECTIONS. This prevents hair form getting matted and tangled up. Take my word for it.


I chose to trim my hair gradually while transitioning. After a while you will begin to differentiate healthy ends from dead/dry ends just by feeling or looking at them. It’s up to you to decide on how often to trim them. Even now that I’m natural I’m still dealing with split ends and single strand knots, so keep those ends properly moisturized and tucked away in a style as much as you can. Also when trimming do not use regular scissors. Please. Use sharp scissors that are meant to be used on hair. I didn’t and I think that’s one of the main reasons why I’m battling with split ends now.


Watch YouTube videos, check out boards on Pinterest for ideas for hairstyles. Many people who are transitioning choose to install protective styles such as braids, weaves, etc. Nothing is wrong with doing so but keep in mind that now is the time to really get to know your true hair texture, what it likes and what it doesn’t. This the trail and error phase. In other words take full advantage of the versatility or your hair, get familiar with it. With it constantly tucked away you will never get the chance to truly learn about your hair. Also as mentioned before leaving protective styles in for an extended period of time can cause breakage. Do everything in moderation. Practice braid outs, twist outs, flat twist outs, roller sets, flexi rods, all of these help to blend your 2 textures, without having to have straggly straight ends exposed.

Link to my natural hair board on Pinterest. Click!
I hope this was helpful to someone.
Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns, or even your own advice in the comment section.
Until next time,