Hello World! :)

Allow me to introduce to you the girls behind divinelyrooted. Simply put, we’re three friends going natural. We’ve decided to embrace what God gave us, no matter how nappy or thick. You’re looking at Irene, Mandisa, and Deborah (from left to right). I’m Mandisa, posting now. The reason we decided to start a blog was, to be completely honest, I(Mandisa) could NEVER find a blog about transitioning! It was all fully natural girls. So myself, Deborah, and Irene would talk every Sunday. We would share tips, vent out frustration, etc. So here we are. What’s (hopefully) going to happen is this. Every week, you’ll see AT LEAST one post from us. the post will (I’m sure) be about different topics, as the ones listed above. This is just a welcome post, so soon we’ll get down to the “nitty gritty.” Thanks for visiting our page! Image