Protective Styling

Hi guys,

The weather is getting fairly chilly now & I absolutely love it! I’m looking into different ways to protect our hair from the harsh weather. Today I’m going to try my best to suggest some alternatives for the upcoming seasons.

Protective Styles: Which essentially “protect” your hair from harsh elements (in this case the cold). Particularly your ends whether it be my tucking, pinning, bunning, braiding etc. It’s giving your hair a break from the constant styling. So you can go how ever long you choose without or very little combing, brushing, etc.

Some Options:

Braids & Twists: I’ve seen  plenty girls rock they’re Poetic Justice or even Brandy Braids. I Love how it looks on people. I was even considering it myself. I used to get my hair braided as a child. When I was actually fully natural Lol. But I never had braids past my shoulders. If you aren’t into the high maintenance of catering to hair, I’d recommend this for you simple because it’s so easy to maintain. It’s also a great way to preserve new growth. Just like Braids, twists can be worn without installing weave. Just simple rock your own!

Wigs: I personally favor wigs because you have the ability to wear this during the day. While also indulging in your OWN hair when you take it off at night. I like the fact that I’m still able to touch and monitor my hair. They’re also versatile which is a plus! Especially for those of us of get bored of styles quickly.

Weaves: Now it totally depends on the type of texture and quality of hair you purchase, but this is another versatile option. You can curl it, straighten it, crimp it, you get this jist! Basically manipulate it however you please, WITHOUT harming your own hair. I don’t like weaves because I get bored easily…as I said… But to each is own!


  • If you aren’t applying the style yourself. Go to someone who you know you can trust. Whatever route you choose make sure there is little tension especially around your edges. Some say this is inevitable but I highly disagree. Get the right stylist. We don’t want to end up look like my girl Naomi Campbell….. I know you’ve seen the photo!
  • With whatever protective style you choose. Don’t get lazy and neglect your hair. I understand that protective styles are convenient. Hey! That’s the main reason why we choose to do it right? Still yet, don’t keep the style in too long after installing it. You can risk breakage, knots, tangles & ultimately hair loss. Which would defeat the whole purpose!
  • Also remember to treat your scalp!

 – Irene

My Favorite Natural Hair Bloggers!

Hi! Mandisa here! 🙂

I’m coming to you today to list a couple of bloggers, vloggers, and YouTubers for natural hair that I absolutely LOVE.

Here’s my list! ( In no particular order)

Whitney of Naptural 85

–By far, the QUEEN of natural hair. Honestly. Among the many things I love about Naptural, I LOVE her easy, breezy styles. They’re very laid back and carefree, so when you feel bohemian, or just calm, cool, and collected, she’s the way to go. She also has formal hairstyles that you can wear to weddings, proms, even graduation ceremonies! She also is the MAVEN of mini twists. She does every style imaginable with those twists. Naptural has a blog and a YouTube channel, which is great. In her blog, she gives her readers tips on how to care for their hair, but on he YT channel, she shows her readers how to do them, with a lot of detail. Check out her blog here. Her YT channel is FABULOUS (click the word fabulous!)

Jenell of Kinky Curly Coily Me!

–LOVE her! I recently figured out about her, but she’s amazing! She not only has natural hair videos, but also has other ones as well. She blogs about things like weight loss, makeup( if you’re into that), and so many other things! I personally like Jenell’s videos because she’s very detailed. My favorite thing about her is that her product reviews are ALWAYS ON POINT. You know how some bloggers won’t want to say anything bad about a product? Nope, no holds barred with Jenell. She tells us the honest truth. AND she’s from Brooklyn! Whoop whoop! Her blog is right here, but I like her Facebook better. Here is her YT channel, and you can also follow her on Instagram. (Naptural too!)

Kerri of SimplYounique

–The variety with this one is unbelievable. She is completely natural, but does SO many things with her hair! She is so versatile! She flat irons it, roller sets it, and does just about anything else with her hair! Like, Jenell, she has other videos as well. Kerri is definitely worth checking out!

Chary of Chary Jay

–I was WAITING to get to her! I absolutely love Chary Jay! Why? The ONE thing that she has that the others don’t? She took us on her entire hair journey! She transitioned long term, and while she was transitioning, she showed us the styles she did! This is why we started this blog, for transitioning styles, and Chary Jay has them! I also love Chary Jay because not only does she have natural hair videos, but she has SOOOOO many others. You name it. Fashion, deep conversation, this girl has it ALL. Go check her out here.

Kendra of Natural With Kendra

— I LOVE THIS GIRL. My favorite thing about her? She’s APOSTOLIC, so she understands. She knows why I will never do the big chop, and the frustration that comes with having two completely different textures in your head. She has both a YT and a blog, but I love her blog so much more. She takes you on her hair journey as well, but along the way, you hear her testimony, her church life, and her own life. Check out her BOMB BLOG!

Nikki of Curly Nikki

–This blog has so much information that it makes me want to empty out everything in my brain, sit down, and read it from start to finish. It’s mind boggling! She covers the whole spectrum! I could say so much more, but I’ll just let the evidence speak for itself!

So, that’s it. This is my list so far. I’m always on the lookout for natural hair blogs, so I’m sure this will be updated frequently. I’ll let you guys know when it does!


Am I Really Ready To Go Natural?!

So, after having a conversation with Irene about our permed hair, I really had to sit down and ask myself this question! Am I really ready? After all, the number one rule of going natural is to have your own reason!

“Hey, why’d you go natural?’

“All my friends are.”


So, let’s think..

Am I ready to stop spending $50+ on my hair every two weeks?

Am I ready to stop taking scissors to my hair in the name of “trimming?” (I see you, Dominican hairdressers!)

Am I ready to stop harming my hair with harsh chemicals?

Am I ready to embrace the person that God made me to be, kinks and all?

Am I ready to learn how to take better care of my God given hair and in turn, take better care of myself?

AND Am I ready to STOP suffering from BURNS on my scalp due to lack of patience?


Point. Blank. AND THE PERIOD.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you have a perm and you love it, you ROCK IT! I’m not one of those naturalistas-in-training that will tell you to stop. Do what you feel most comfortable with. I used to love my perms. I just came to a point where I was ready to embrace my big hair. Who’s to say that I won’t wear my hair straight anymore? So if you have a perm, enjoy it! Go natural when you see fit, and when you feel ready. Because natural hair isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle.


Product Review: Lavish Curls Moisturizer by Curls

This product is one of my STAPLE products!!!! I found out about this product by accident while I was shopping for stockings, I randomly wandered into Sally Beauty Supply Store (go figure). I was curious about the natural hair product lines they offered since I always tend to buy mine online, and I wanted to get better accessibility to the products I loved. The sales associate who helped me find the natural hair care aisle just raved about this product. I was a little skeptical to tell you the truth because her hair type was completely different than mine, and I have only used creme moisturizers up until then. Also, I have never even heard of the Curls company before. But she was very persuasive…or I just needed an excuse to get yet another hair product :). It came in an 8 oz. spray bottle and it cost about $11. I thought it was a tad bit on the pricey side, but believe me it was worth it!

This product is great for  twist-out or bantu- knot out curls that you want to stretch for a couple more days without having to go through the whole wash day process. The Lavish Curls moisturizer does exactly what it states, it “reactivates and moisturize(s) curls”! I use it the days after I wash and twisted just by spritzing it all over my head (even tho I am using the term “all over” I STRESS the fact that this product does not need to be doused all over your head! A little goes a long way!). After the spritzing I massage it into my scalp for about 30 seconds to a minute (that is the best part!) I kid you not, just by doing that, my 3rd or 4th day curls (yes with this product there IS such thing!)  look the way they did after I just washed! My curls are moisturized, shiny, and they still have bounce!

Here are my faves about this product:

– The ingredients are all natural. My favorites on the list are Shea butter, Jojoba seed oil, and the Aloe leaf juice. The aloe juice is what makes the scalp massage feel so refreshing!

– It smells good! I use a lot of Carol’s Daughter products that tend to have an overbearing smell (like strangers have actually turned and told me, “hey are you wearing Carol’s Daughter?” -__- )

– It contains NO Sulfates, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral or Petrolatum oil. They all weigh down hair immensely, which is not good when you want to go for the bouncy curl look and if most of your head still has a lot of permed hair on it (like mine :p)

My drawback about this product:

I am not sure if this has to do with the actual spray portion of the bottle or the consistency of the moisturizer itself, but when I spray it on, it doesn’t really “spray”-it squirts :p . This made me disappointed at first because I knew the product was working, but it only worked in places that were “squirted” on! So I decided to add a LITTLE BIT of water to the moisturizer and it made a world of difference in how it distributed throughout my hair.

All in all, BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! It is awesome, and it lasts long which is good if you are on a budget, and it can be found in your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply Store in the natural hair care aisle or online at (online it goes by a different name! if brought online it is called Quenched Curls).



Product Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I had really big expectations for this product. I purchased it because I wanted a good moisturizer.  I was torn between this and the Cantu Shea Butter. Which is half the price I must add. Like any other product I purchase, I like to read reviews and get a feel of how it works. So I read up on many different opinions. After reading the amazing ingredients & the positive feedback,  I figured I’d give this a go.

Among other ingredients it contains:

Coconut Oil: Hydrates and protects hair from heat & chemical damage.

Silk Protein: Reduces breakage, strengthens hair, adds smoothness & silkiness

Neem Oil: An age-old ayurvedic oil that strengthens hair & provides brilliant shine.


– Drying

– My Style of Choice Doesn’t Hold Up Long


– Smells absolutely DIVINE

– No Parabens

– No Synthetic Fragrance

– No Mineral Oil

& the list goes on & on. I’m telling you it’s just a jar of goodness! I tried this product two ways. I used it for twist & braid outs. I also used it for flexi rod sets. I would make sure my hair is damp before I applied and it felt like it was doing the job. The next day my hair would look healthy & have a nice natural looking shine. It smelt really nice as well. But then I would notice my hair feeling really dry after a few hours. Now this could just be my hair, because I know Mandisa  uses this as well  & she loves it. Now only did it make my hair feel dry but my styles didn’t really hold up as long as they normally did.

I’d say give it a try because you never know it just might work for You! But this was pretty much a miss for me. It’s a shame because I want to love it….I hate wasting products. So I just revisit this for SOMETHING else (wash n go) & pray that it works. But as for right now. I’m not a fan.

Shea Moisture has a whole line of products that I would be willing to try down the road. Unfortunately the Curl Enhancing Smoothie won’t be repurchased. I’ll keep you posted 😉

               – Irene

Product Review : Monoi Hair Mask by Carol’s Daughter


This is me, being really hopeful about this product…with a cap over my head, letting it sink in.

Even when I used to get relaxers, I would hear great things about Carol’s Daughter. However, I’ve never tried their products, (because they cost as much a my first born nephew) but not for lack of want! So when Deborah gave me this Monoi hair mask, I was THRILLED! “Finally, I’ll get to try a product from Carol’s Daughter!”

This Monoi hair mask claims to prevent breakage by a whopping 96 %!

How did I use it? I washed my hair, as per usual, but instead of using my usual conditioner, I applied this hair mask. I then covered my hair, as seen in this pic, for about an hour. (Side note: I was watching Hunger Games. I finally got it on DVD! :))))) ) So I washed the mask out, and my hair felt the same way it usually does. I then bantu knotted my hair with my leave in conditioner and olive oil and wrapped it up for the night.

I took it out in the morning and my ends felt like STRAW! It was so disappointing. I’m not even uploading a pic of my hair that day, because it was looking….less than stellar. I had to re- moisturize my hair!

Why do I think this happened? Well, two reasons.

1– Not every black hair product is made for every type of black hair.

2– I think I had the trial size, so I really was trying to apply it sparingly, because there was so little and I have a lot of hair!

So, what’s my final say?

This hair mask seems like it would be a good product, maybe just not for my hair. Maybe if I had used more, I would have had a better turn out. However, the one GREAT thing I can say about this product??

I usually detangle my hair before adding conditioner. I didn’t this time because it was late and I was delirious, also because I wanted to test the claim of the hair mask. Now, when this usually happens and I don’t detangle my hair, there are naps  ALL OVER THE PLACE. After rinsing out the hair mask and detangling my hair, I only notice a small amount of it in the comb! 🙂

Less breakage makes for a happy me! If anyone else wants to try this product, let me know how it works for you.