Product Review: Liquid Gold, Y’all!

Hello beauties!

In lieu of not caring how my hair looked this Sunday due of a combination of waking up at 11 and it being my last Sunday babysitting the kiddies, I’m doing a product review.

…..I think I may have found liquid gold, y’all. For real.

Moroccan Argan Oil.

This. stuff. is. amazing.


I got this sample in my November CB (Post can be found here) and decided that I was going to try it when I washed next. So I washed my hair on Friday, and after I washed it, I deep conditioned as usual. After doing that, I allowed my hair to air dry for some time, and then applied the oil. The directions say to apply to damp to dry hair, and I figured I’d follow them. I don’t usually follow directions, but I think I’m going to start. It’s important–especially when trying a new product. For best results, using the product as directed is really the smartest option. Anyway, I put this oil on and my hair instantly felt conditioned and smooth. Not to mention, it smelled amazing. The oil is the only product I used in my hair. I twisted my mane up and went to bed!

The next morning, I took down my hair and I kid you not, it was the softest I have EVER felt my hair. And that’s saying a lot for my hair, because now that I’m transitioning, it’s a little(Read: A LOT) rough, especially at the line of demarcation.

This oil is actually pretty thick for an oil. It has the consistency of ice cream when it gets soupy, but I love it. A thick consistency means that a little goes a long way. 🙂

So, here are the three reasons why I LOVE this oil:

1– It gives me amazing, soft hair.

2– It smells great.

3– I can use this product solo in my hair as a moisturizer AND a sealant!

My only bad thing to say about this product? I can’t find it online! It seems like it’s pretty hard to get a hold of, but I can see why. Liquid Gold ain’t a commodity!



Sunday Inspiration #2

Hello beautiful people!

I’m coming to you today with the second post in my Sunday Inspiration feature! As a quick sidenote before popping the top, I used some new products from my November CurlBox in here, however, there won’t be any product reviews on it for a week or so. Graduate school and full time work is NO JOKE.

Anyway, here we go:

This Sunday’s inspiration was taken from a screenshot of Naptural 85’s video (She JUST had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, by the way) “Easy Textured Elegant Formal Updo.” Here’s the screenshot.


Ready for my take on it?


Left side: we already know the story with the left side of my hair, no?


Here’s the back view.


Right side hair.


Front view 🙂


(sidenote: I TOTALLY underestimated the amount of hair(volume and length) that Whitney (Naptural) has in comparison to what I have. So it was bound to look vastly different.)

Ok, so here’s what I did. On Saturday, I washed my hair with my regular shampoo, but instead of using my regular deep condish, I used my nuNAAT product received in my November CB(curlBox). Now because I’m silly, I didn’t detangle when the deep condish was in. (I have NO IDEA why I did this. I usually make it a rule of mine to detangle when I have a product with a lot of slip in. Maybe I though I would test out the detangling properties of the product, but even that wouldn’t make sense, because the product doesn’t boast super magic detangling properties!) So, after rinsing my deep condish out, I finger parted my hair into five sections and detangled section by section.


After I was done detangling, I tried something that I have NEVER done before, even when I relaxed my hair. I tried flexi rods! Section by section, I applied my moisturizer, my oil, and then ANOTHER product received in my November CB, the firm hold gel.


This is what it looked like when I went to bed. I put a satin bonnet over it and called it a night.

I woke up the next morning, took out the rods and absolutely hated what they had done to my hair. I didn’t have much length to deal with due to all the shrinkage, so I looked very childish. Think Shirley Temple, but black. After a lot of separating and “jujjing”, I finally got it to a workable length and volume.

I then started at the bottom, and formed a loose knot with the bottom two layers of my hair. I did the same with the middle, so in all there were two loose knots in my hair. I then pulled and pinned in some loose pieces, added a band for some color, and PRESTO! A Sunday hairstyle!


Do we(meaning you) like what I did?

Do you HATE me because I’m not doing product reviews yet?

Do you like my headband? Or my outfit? Or both?!? 🙂

Leave it below!

See ya soon,


P.S. I am completely aware of how silly I look with my hair in twists and flexirods. I did it for you guys!:)

CurlBox Frenzy!


Seriously guys, I squealed for a good ten minutes when I finally saw it at my doorstep after stalking my mail carrier all week. I unequivocally tried to do an unboxing video for you guys, but I was bouncing all over. that video would have been a straight up HOT MESS. So instead of embarrassing myself, I’ll do a post. 🙂

So, before even opening up the actual CurlBox, this is what I saw outside of it:Image

This is the FULL SIZE nuNAAT Treatment Curly Hair Intensive Hair Mask. It has a lot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, but that’s okay with me. It promises to restore moisture to your hair and provide preotection. Absolutely trying this instead of my deep condish next wash day.

Then, I opened up the box with the pretty pink lettering:


And I saw this:


It’s a little booklet, and on the cover is what this month’s CurlBox is centered around. this month is MOISTURE, so all the products packaged in here and meant to keep your hair moisturized in fall/winter weather.


Open it up, and you’re greeted with a short blurb about each product. This basically says what the products claim to do and why we should use them. Remember–the key word here is MOISTURE.

Next, I saw this:


Sample sizes of the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Ultra Shea Shampoo and Conditioner. Apparently these are great products for combating frizz, which I have tons of. These products have gotten tons of slack online, but we all know that means nothing to me, because it might work beautifully in my hair. Definitely trying this instead of my regular shampoo next wash day. I might use it as my deep condish too!

Next, I was met with:


ANOTHER FULL SIZE PRODUCT! (Big up to Myliek!) This is the Curl Care by Dr. Miracle Strong Hold Gel.  I am SUPER excited to use this product. Not really sure why, just excited. this gel claims to reduce shrinkage (which I really don’t have a problem with because I’m sure 98% of my head is still relaxed) and hold definition for a whopping 12 hours! Product Review on the way!

Then came the actual sample sizes:


This is the Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatment. It’s a mouthful. I’m kind of anxious to see how this works in my hair. I’ve heard amazing things about Argan Oil, so I guess I’ll just have to see. I’m planning on using this as my first hot oil treatment.


Soy Organics Waterless Shampoo. Meh. Not sure how I feel about this. It’s supposedly for braids, weaves, wigs, and locks. As you can tell, I have none of the sort. And even if I did, I don’t know how I feel about using waterless shampoo. Isn’t the whole point of shampoo to cleanse? And to cleanse, you kinda need water. Meh.


Well lookie lookie! It’s a deep conditioning protein pack! Interesting, considering I tried to mix up a protein deep condish this past weekend. This one has different ingredients than the one I mixed up, so we’ll see how my hair takes to this one.

that’s all, folks.

So, I must say, that I think that this really is a great investment. If I was to go out and buy the products in this box, it would cost me more than $20. The gel is half that alone. I do think that some items are hit or miss, however, I think it’s so important, especially as a newbie to try new products in your hair. That’s why I decided to go for the CurlBox. I’m gonna keep my subscription going, we’ll see how I like it. Big shoutout to Myliek, the creator of CurlBox, and big shoutout to my postman for bringing it. I’ll let you know how these products work for me.


Have you tried any of these products?

What do you think about these lines?

What do you think about CurlBox? Do you have one?

Leave the comments below! Remember, I don’t bite. 🙂

Love, love, love.


Sunday Pinspiration #1

Hello loves,

It’s been some time since I’ve been away, and a lot has happened. So, I have decided to write TWO– yes, you heard correctly)– TWO blog posts today! Since the last time I wrote to you guys, I did my first Sunday Pinspiration AND—–DRUM ROLL—- I GOT MY CURLBOX! (Today, actually.) So here we go:


Sunday Pinspiration

So, you guys, I must make a confession. I did not get this “pinspiration” from Pinterest. I tried, but to be quite honest, Pinterest doesn’t have much to offer in the formal natural hair category. So I got it from a Google Image result. For my first Sunday Pinspiration, I went with something VERY simple. 

The Roll, Tuck, and Pin


This is by far, the most “no fuss, no muss” hairstyle for natural hair that there is. And since it’s so easy, I had to put my own “Mandisa” twist on it. So here’s my rendition of it. 



Here’s the left side. I’m HORRIBLE at doing the left side of my hair. Don’t judge me, I’m a righty. 😉



Here’s the right side. 



Here’s a back view. I RARELY do straight parts. Horrible? Meh. 



Front view!



The night before, I washed my hair. I usually deep condition for at least an hour immediately after, however, I decided to try my hand at mixing a deep condish of my own. I mixed honey, my regular condish, olive oil, and some other things and left that in for about an hour. I rinsed it out with cool water (a la Irene) and proceeded to style. I didn’t air dry (which I usually do.) I was tired and it was late. I moisturized with my Curl Enhancing Smoothie and two strand twisted my hair. The twists were definitely not mini, but not large either. I woke up in the morning, took out my twists and styled. And 10 minutes before leaving the house, I realized that I hated the style I had in my hair. So then I took it down, and did the roll, tuck, and pin. To jazz it up a little, I installed three flat twists in the front and stuck some hair sticks in there. 

So tell me:

Do you like this style? (Be honest!)

Do you think I could do better?

Are you disappointed that I went with something so simple?

Will YOU do the roll, tuck, and pin?

Leave the comments below!

….Seriously. I won’t bite. 



Tip of The Week!

Hey Guys,

This is just something I just randomly thought I’d start doing. When I happen to come across tips that I think are important. Or tips that I would like to share with you, I’ll post it! I don’t want to keep all this useful information to myself. So here it goes!

Cool Water After Conditioning

Now we know how water helps the overall health of our body & that ultimately contributes to the health of our hair. Whether you use it topically or drink it (which I highly suggest & something I should do more of). But today I came across something that made a lot of sense…

Whether you are using a deep conditioner or simply conditioning, rinsing your hair with cool water afterwards helps to close the hair cuticle. If you rinse with warm water you’re basically opening up the hair shaft and would lose the nutrients & moisture you just applied to it. That’s why it’s suggested to wash or shampoo your warm water first. It’s like when you’re washing your face. First you want to use warm water to open up your pores so whatever cleanser your using can get deep into your skin without any blockage. Then you rinse with cold water to shut your pores to prevent dirt from getting back inside.

That’s just how I see it! I hope you enjoyed this first TOTW!


Soul Food: Negative Nancies

If you’re in the process of transitioning and haven’t heard anything negative yet, consider yourself blessed, girl! I can’t tell you how many negative things I’ve heard about my recent decision to go natural, and from people you wouldn’t expect. It seems that when you make a major decision in your life (no matter the arena), everyone and their mother has to throw their two cents in. My response? Take it back! I already have all the change I need!

The thing is, when you’ve made the decision to go natural, you have to be emotionally, physically, and mentally ready. There has been a BARRAGE of negative things thrown my way about my decision, but do I let it affect me? Nope, I just  let it roll of my back like some shed hair! Haha!

Also, last time I checked, it was MY life and MY hair. Why are others worried about me and what I do? Where they do that at?

As my new hair’s growing in, I’m slowly but surely learning to love my kinks!

What about you? Do you have too many negative Nancies breathing down your neck? How do you deal with them?


I leave you with this quote from Good Hair, the documentary: “It never ceases to amaze me that I wear my hair the way that it grows out of my head, and that’s considered REVOLUTIONARY.”


Pinterest Lovin’

Hey y’all! I’ve known about Pinterest for a while now, but I’ve recently rearranged all my boards, and I am LOVING(!!!) what I see! I have 20 boards! A little neurotic? Yes, but I’m good! And of course, my wedding board has the MOST pins! There’s so much inspiration on those boards! Here are a few of my favorites!

Image ImageImageImageImage

1. Yes, yes, yes, I know! This is a hair blog—HOWEVER! This outfit right here?! Love.

2. Who can say no to bows?

3. Pink AND sparkly? If you know me, you’ll know these are a must.

4. My boo Stef! She has an amazing blog! Check it out here! She has fashion, hair, and whatever else that you need! I went on a missions trip with her this past summer! The sweetest girl you will ever meet, and whom I will see soon in Californ-I-A!

5. Ayee! Hair tutorial!

Which introduces the FIRST challenge that I will be doing..!!!

Confession: I sometimes rarely know how to do my hair now that it’s in the two texture stage. So, I end up just thowing it up in some kind of updo. No matter where I go, a thrown up hairstyle is sure to follow. So, I will be embarking on a mini-challenge for myself. It will be called Pinspirational Sundays! The premise is that I will choose a picture from Pinterest and try to re-create it for church on Sundays–and a few other days, depending on where I’m going. Now, because there’s no church THIS Sunday, I will start next Sunday!

Look forward to it! 🙂

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