Sunday’s Hair, Inspired by Chloe C!

Hi guys! It’s only Monday, but I hope your Monday is going fantastically! Today I’m bringing you my Sunday hair, inspired by my most recent friend-in-my-head, Chloe C.
I discovered Chloe C’s videos on YouTube on Saturday. Her video was recommended to me, I watched it, and the rest is history…(well, two days of history, but you catch my drift.)
This particular style is inspired by her curly fro video, which I’ll post a link to later.
As you guys know, I’ve had a HUGE problem trying to do my curly fros. They usually come out like this:


Or like this:

which definitely aren’t the looks I’m going for. When I do my curly fros, I want BIG hair. I’m going for loose, free curls.
So from watching Chloe’s video, I’ve realized that my procedure is all wrong! I’ve been twisting really small sections, and THEN installing the flexi rods. No bue√Īo. The key is to take medium sized sections of the hair and roll it free in the flexi rod.
Now, I did this style on freshly washed hair. After a good (homemade!) deep condition and about 40 minutes, I went ahead and moisturized. I then sealed with oil and got to rolling! I took medium sized sections while rolling, so I had 14 rods in total. This is what it looked like when I was finished.



I then washed my satin scarf ( you can’t put a dirty scarf on a clean hand–that’s ratchet!), put it on, and went to bed.
When I woke up in the morning, I greased my hands up with some olive oil and began taking it down.

(I forgot to take picture while I was separating and fluffing–my bad!)

After separating and fluffing, I had a pretty big curly fro! (I didn’t take pictures of that either. Again, my bad! I will next time!)

But then I decided that I didn’t want to do a curly fro for church. I didn’t want my hair all in my face, so I put it up. I left the front down for a little funk. ūüėČ

Here’s what I ended up with:



Hope you guys like it! I did! ūüôā

Do you guys like curly fros?
What’s your favorite go to style?

Until next time,
Mandisa ‚̧


Valentine’s Day Tutorial?

Hi beauties! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

And no,there’s no typo in the title. This tutorial has a question mark because it came out BUSTED. I was really upset.

But let’s backtrack.

For Valentine’s Day, I was thinking soft, big, flowy curls. Nice, right?!

That’s not what I got.

After I washed and deep conditioned, I medium to small two strand twisted my hair and installed flexi rods.


I thought it’d be fine, but my hair had other plans. The day after, I took down the flexi rods and untwisted. After fluffing and separating to get fuller, bigger hair, this is what I ended up looking like.


Guys, don’t laugh.

I tried EVERYTHING. Half up, side up, head scarf, everything I could think of, and I still hated how it was looking. I had to go to class, so I ended up losing the fight with my poodle Afro. (I don’t think it will be the last one.)

So, I ended up relying on my go to style, the roll, tuck, and pin. I never have any tutorials on these because I just try to get creative. I do them so often that I try not to have them look the same way twice. I just pin until I’m somewhat happy.



However, I got to school and showed one of my natural friends and she says, “That’s so cute, you should have worn it like that!” So, to each his own, I suppose!

Have you ever had a tutorial flop?
How do you deal with styles that don’t come out the way you want?

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends!

Until next time,
Mandisa ‚̧

3 Misconceptions About Our Hair

During this journey¬†I’ve¬†struggled with letting go of the misconceptions that¬†I’ve¬†grown up believing. Despite it all every single day I learn more about my hair, about what it needs, and what it¬†doesn’t.¬†Hopefully this encourages someone! Maybe I’ll continue doing this as I encounter others along the way. ¬†

1. Nappy¬†isn’t¬†Happy.

I totally understand that going natural¬†isn’t¬†for everyone. But for those of you who feel strongly about sticking to your relaxers, that‚Äôs all fine and dandy. I can respect that. There was a time when I never thought I would stop relaxing my own, but please don‚Äôt discourage others from starting their journey. Words can hurt whether or not it may be intentional. ¬†Honestly anyone can do it. You just have to be ready to completely embrace what God has given you. Natural hair is beautiful. Every hair type is beautiful, regardless of how you choose to rock it. ¬†


2. African American Hair Has Limits

I talked to people who think African American hair can‚Äôt grow past shoulder length.¬† Even when I was getting relaxers my hair was growing. It would just appear to be the same length because it would continuously break off because of the overuse of chemicals and styling tools. Regardless, even black women with their hair relaxed have hair way past they‚Äôre shoulders. I believe that if you treat your hair well, it will do the same in return. Here‚Äôs the proof of one of my natural hair inspirations… Courtney



¬†I can understand why people think that us girls with kinky, curly, & coily hair¬†doesn’t¬†grow. ¬†Shrinkage is real. When our hair wet and when is stretched to the max there is a dramatic difference. Check this out & see how¬†versatile¬†our hair really is.¬†


3. We Need Grease

When I think of this I start laughing. I instantly start reminiscing back on my childhood. When my hair was natural‚Ķ. ‚̧ My mom would apply Dax grease or Blue Magic to my scalp. Not that all grease is terrible for us because certain ones do contain beneficial ingredients. In our defense our scalp can be dry and does need some type of moisture. But PETROLEUM¬†¬†or MINERAL OIL is not the way to go. ¬†All they do is clog up your scalp and attract dirt. YUCK. We want our scalp to be able to breathe! ¬†Natural oils are the way to go.


I hope this was helpful! Feel free to tell me about some misconceptions you’ve encountered.

– Irene

Wash Day!

Hi friends! So, I know you haven’t heard from me in about two weeks! Shame on me, I know. Here’s what’s been happening: along with me working a full time job, Monday through Friday, 8-3, and going to classes twice a week until 9 at night, I’ve also had to deal with the added pleasure of being sick. I blame it on the kids.
Y’all, I. Was. SICK.

This led to me not being able to wash my hair for two weeks. I was not pleased. Along with regular product buildup, I sweat every day, so no bue√Īo.

I finally got a chance to wash my hair yesterday, and I figured I’d post on it. Yesterday was a special wash, because it had been two weeks! I scrubbed a lot. My hands are usually pruny after a wash, but they were really pruny.

Let’s jump on into the post!

Here is my dream team, for the time being.

These products help me reach the dark, dirty places of my scalp, haha! They help get my hair squeaky clean!

Before I start to shampoo, I allow the water to saturate my hair. I go through and try to pull out as many shed and broken hairs as I can. Then, with my hair separated into four parts, I wash, section by section.


I’m a firm believe in not spending an arm and a leg for something that’s going down the drain, so I picked up this shampoo for about four dollars. It’s really moisturizing, which I love. The ingredients are not natural, for that section of the natural community. Personally, I love me a good sulfate. It makes my hair feel really clean, and if that’s what you guys call “stripped,” bring on the stripping!

I know how that sounded, haha! Shut up!

After shampooing all four sections twice, I go through once again for shed and broken hairs. Then it’s time to finger detangle.


I use a cheapie conditioner to finger detangle, but the cheapie ones are sometimes really good! This one had A LOT of slip, which made it easy for me to glide through my mane.

After finger detangling all four sections and carefully loosening all shed and broken hairs AGAIN, I’m ready to deep condition.


For deep conditioners, I’m not opposed to dropping some cash, because they actually stay on your hair and scalp. This one was a recommended product from my best friend, and it’s pretty good. It has a lot of slip, and it smells heavenly. I left it in overnight, because I wanted to really reap the benefits I was tired after that marathon long wash session. After that, I squeeze out excess water with an old t-shirt and let my hair air dry.

Oh, and yes, I am still on my finger detangling/no tools challenge. I haven’t done a length check but I KNOW that I’m retaining more hair because I hardly have any shed hair, even after two weeks of not detangling. Here’s the shed hair I pulled out yesterday, give or take a few strands.


So friends, there it is. This is basically my hair routine every week, although the shampoo and rinse out conditioner, and even deep conditioner, will change. When I washed my hair yesterday, I actually felt some texture and saw some curls! I was so geeked! I looked in the mirror after my hair air dried and saw about four inches of new growth!!!!

Looks like that huge top knot isn’t too far away!

How do you guys wash your hair?
Do you deal with shed hair differently?
What products do you use?
Have you used any of the products I’m using currently?
Let me know!

Until next time,
Mandisa ‚̧