“High Bun, More Fun!” AKA The Top Knot

Happy Monday, beauties! Today, I decided to try the highly sought after top knot! Here’s how it looks:



Not bad, right? I’m still trying to master it, and I think I’ve come across a secret weapon. The jaw clip!
What I’ve done is gathered up the bottom half of my hair (this style is set on a twist out) and secured it with a jaw clip. After that, I used bobby pins to secure the top of my hair. I shaped it to my liking and voila! A top knot! “High Bun, More Fun!”

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤

**”High Bun, More Fun” trademarked by Lovely Laurie!*


Maintaining My Twists for a Whole Week

Hi beauties! Yes, I know. Bad blogger. Sorry, but with work, school, and church, life’s a little hectic, to say the least. Anyway, I’m still doing my twists! Yes yes! I’ve decided to make this a personal challenge for myself, to see how much length I can retain until summer.
Here’s how I maintain my twists for up to a week:
1– Twist
I twist my hair up on Sunday nights after church. The size of my twists vary. If you look closely, you’ll see both large and small twists on my head. To twist, I use nothing but a little EcoStyler. I already have the moisture from moisturizing and sealing on the Saturday before, after wash day. This is how they looked on Monday.

Because of the fact that I work out pretty often, I need to keep my hair protected when I sweat. To do that, I wear a cotton bandana while working out. It locks out a lot of the moisture, which cuts down on the frizz a little, which I get a lot of as the week goes on.

3–Moisturize and Seal
Every couple of days, I will moisturize and seal my twists. To do so, I use water, moisturizer, and olive oil. I spray my entire head with water. This allows the moisturizer that I’m going to put on it to be more evenly spread throughout the hair. I then apply my Elasta QP moisturizer, focusing on the ends. Finally, I seal with olive oil.



Yes, you read that right. I wrap my twists every night, just like I used to wrap my relaxer. Through wrapping for the entire night, my twists gain a lot of body and movement. If I didn’t wrap them, they’d be flat the next morning. The direction in which I wrap my twists determines how my twists fall, so I end up with a new look every day! I tie my twists up in a silk scarf and hit the hay!

There it is! This is my weekly routine for my twists. Hope it helps!

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤

TOTM (March) – Retaining Moisture

Retaining Moisture: Silk

Yes, I’m back. I know it’s been some time since I’ve done a “Tip of The Month”. Mandisa has been on my case about it all week! Lol. I do apologize. Let’s jump right in to what I’ve come to talk about. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am so sick of my cotton pillow case soaking up all the moisture in my hair. Let alone it’s a total waste of product, time, & money! If your hair has a hard time retaining moisture, I would recommend investing in a silk scarf or bonnet. This will ensure that no moisture is escaping your luscious locks.

Although we love our warm soft cotton, its fibers are extremely absorbent. On the other hand a silk scarf acts as a barrier between your hair and the pillow. Ultimately preventing breakage and keeping moisture in your hair because of less friction and wonderful slip!

It also reduces tangles and knots (something that I struggle with). I am a wild sleeper. So if my hair isn’t protected in some fashion, I WILL wake up looking like Edward Scissorhands. The tossing & turning can lead to matting and tangles in the hair that can totally be avoided.

If wrapping your hair up at night isn’t necessarily your thing I totally understand! Some of us like to look pretty when we go to bed! Hahaha. A silk pillow case is right up your alley! & for those of us who like EXTRA protection just buy both!

– Irene

Elasta QP’s Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer

Happy Monday ladies! I’m coming to you today with a product review for a product that I absolutely love. Though I consider myself a PJ (product junkie), I haven’t done a product review in a good while, the reason being that I wanted to form a really good opinion on this product. I used this product for a solid 6 months before writing this. The product is Elasta QP’s Mango Butter and Olive Oil Moisturizer.


This moisturizer has been a staple of mine since receiving it in a past CurlBox. I love it. Along with the delicious smell, it has some amazing properties for the hair. This moisturizer claims to target dry ends, and it really does. Since using it, and really focusing on my ends, I’ve only seen one split end. This leads to length retention!
This moisturizer is also very rich. I use it probably 2-3 times a week, and my hair stays moisturized for the entire time. You have to be careful with it, though. Since it’s so rich, a little goes a long way. You could end up looking like you showered in Crisco.
You can pick up this moisturizer at Target, WalMart, and Walgreens, as well as Amazon. As far as moisturizers go, it’s very affordable. Try it and let me know what you think!
Until next time,
Mandisa ❤

Protective Workout Twists: Double Take with a Swirl

Hello gorgeous people!
As you know, this is the second week that I’ve been wearing my protective twists. I wash, deep condition, and retwist weekly. I only wear free hair on Sundays.
Last week, when I wore my twists, I wore one style all week.


So this week, as promised, I’m doing more styles. When I’ve tried to do up do’s in the past on these twists, they’ve always fallen flat, and I hate flat hair. So today, instead of pulling my twists up individually, I began by splitting my hair up the middle. I then did a roll, tuck, and pin on either side. I took the ends of those twists and made two large pin curls on either side. Best part, it took me 5 minutes, tops! Quick hairstyles are my friend. The result?





This is how my hair looked at the end of the day, so it held up pretty well!


And all I needed was a few bobby pins.

So tell me,
Do you have twists?
Do you style them?
Do you think this would be a cute style to try?
Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤

Curlformers School is IN SESSION!

Hello beautiful people! Today’s Monday (sigh!) but it’s a good hair day (yay!)!

Anyway, let’s dive right on in here, shall we?

So, ever since watching the beautiful Naptural 85’s Curlformers video (link found here), I’ve been obsessed with trying to get some of the Curlformers that my natural hair vloggers won’t stop raving about. THAT PRICE THOUGH?! Yea, that was a negative. I was not about to spend $70 on some plastic rollers. So I did what anyone would do. I went on Ebay, and picked up a pack of 30 for less that $20! (Insert celebratory squeal here.) They came from china, so they took a while to get here, but when they got here, I was TOO EXCITED. 


So, Saturday night, after washing and conditioning, I tried them out!


All in all, installation wasn’t horrible. For this being my first time using them, they were pretty good to me. There were a few time where I ripped out my hair by accident, but it was okay. I had pink and blue ones, and I assumed that the color dictated the way the curl would form. Therefore, I did half of my head with blue and half with pink. Or at least I tried. Because of the fact that I am a huge idiot, I thought that 30 would be enough. WRONG. I had to end up using flexi rods for some curls. Only 2, but it still hurt! No sense crying over spilled milk though, I ordered 10 more. 🙂 Also, being an idiot, I neglected to buy the largest size of Curlformers, and my hair was sticking out of some! For future reference, or if any of you are looking to buy some in the near future, it’s best for you to buy the biggest size they have. That way, when your hair grows, you’ll be able to keep the Curlformers that you have already bought. Think ahead, like I didn’t. 🙂 I bought mine from HoneyHair2005 on Ebay.



Here’s me, all ready and set for bed!

Sleeping In Them: This was the most horrible and traumatic thing I’ve ever gone through, lol. These Curlformers are not easy to sleep in. Unless you sleep on your back, don’t expect a great night of sleep. However, different strokes for different folks, because Irene sleeps in ’em just fine. She prefers sleeping in them to sleeping in flexi rods. *gasp*


I. Was. Not. A. Happy. Camper.

I love my sleep, so it’s safe to say I was a little crabby.

But BABY, after taking one side down, my mood instantly shifted. The results were FANTASTIC. Seriously. I would endure a sleepless night for these bad boys any day. My hair felt like I just got a press, blow dry, and curl from the Dominicans. I CAN NOT WAIT to use these when I’m fully natural.


One curl didn’t dry very well. 😦

It was my longest piece of hair, too. Coincidence? I think not.


I want to address shrinkage here for an important reason. All you fabulous dedicated readers know how much I hate shrinkage, but I was VERY impressed by these. I didn’t get that much shrinkage. If I had set my hair in 30 flexi rods, I would look like I had an inch of hair. For real.

Anyway, this is how my hair looked after taking down all the Curlformers (and two flexi rods.)


Pretty good, right?

After minimal fluffing, shaking, and teasing, this is what I ended up with. I just pushed it up to the side, and got creative with my pinning technique.


For me, these Curlformers receive an A++++++++++++++!

They are fantastic, outta sight, stupendous, dynamite, and any other adjective you can think of!

So tell me,

Have you ever tried Curlformers?

If so, do you love them as much as I do?

Do you think you’ll consider trying them?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤

Workout Hair: Protective Twists for the Week!

Hi loves! I wanted to come to you today with my first real protective style that I did in my hair. I call it a REAL protective style because it lasted me a whole week, and my ends were shielded the whole time. I’ve started a pretty vigorous workout regimen in the past couple of weeks, so I decided to do something that would keep my hair out of my face for a while. I also didn’t want to constantly be “doing” my hair, so I put it in protective twists for the week. 

Now, since I am by no means an expert on twists, don’t expect them to be amazing, lol. They were of varying sizes, and yes, I had to retwist them every couple of days. I did them on Sunday night to prepare myself for the upcoming week. I really didn’t do any crazy styles with them, because this was my first time trying them, but the next time that I do them, I’ll throw some styling in there. My regimen for the twists was pretty ordinary. I would moisturize and seal every 2/3 days, and retwist as needed (which was mostly at the edges.) At night, I would throw them into a high ponytail, and for the rebellious ones that didn’t want to join the pineapple, I would pin them in. After that, I put on a silk scarf and hopped to bed.

Here are the twist on Monday, freshly done: 



As you can see, they were of varying sizes, and not crazy neat, so I did what I continued to do for the week; threw it to the side, pinned it up, and put on a cute headband. That one was purchased at Forever 21.


This was Tuesday, and they still looked freshly done. 


I took them down on Tuesday night, just to give you guys a picture of what they looked like lengthwise. They hit about shoulder blade.


Again, this is just a length picture. I’ve really been retaining a lot of length from finger detangling and not using any tools. I can’t tell you how much hair I used to shed when I would use a comb, even a wide toothed one! Now I only use a comb when I need to part, and a brush when I need to smooth down edges.Image

This was Wednesday, after a rigorous workout. Clearly I had stopped sweating, but you can CLEARLY see the frizz that’s starting to appear. That didn’t stop me from wearing them, though! I cooled down, spritzed with my spray bottle of water, slapped on some moisturizer, and sealed with some oil. The following day (Thursday), they looked like this: 


Not bad! When you take into account the amount of frizz that was evident yesterday after my workout, this was not bad at all. A+ for maintenance. 

By this point, Thursday, I had decided it was time for my twists to go. I couldn’t deal with retwisting (no patience!) and I wanted to wash badly. I don’t like to keep dried sweat in my hair for long. So, on Thursday night, I just spritzed with water, and sealed with oil.



This was the end of the day on Friday, and you can tell by my face that I wasn’t having it. It seemed as though the frizz had gotten bigger overnight. I was over it, and it was time for my twists and I to go our separate ways. So I took them out this morning, and I’m going to wash as soon as I finish this post! 🙂

I am absolutely going to do these twists again in the upcoming weeks. It’s a great alternative to having to twist, braid, or otherwise do my hair every night. As long as I remember to moisturize and seal, it’s A-OK! It’s also great for the lazy girl in me. 🙂

Some things I would do differently: One of the vloggers that I follow uploaded a video on hers right after I did mine, so I learned some really good tips from her. First, I would braid the hair for an inch or so before twisting. This really calms down the frizz that you’re sure to accumulate throughout the week (or however long you have them.) Second, I would make sure to keep my parts neat and clean. This time around, I just took parts of hair where they seemed to naturally part, and didn’t really use a comb in places where I should have. So now I know these tips and tricks for next time! I’m excited to do them again!


So, tell me:

Have you ever had protective twists?

If so, how do you deal with frizz and new growth?

Do you like twists more than free hair?

I’d love for you to respond in the comments!

Until next time, 

Mandisa ❤