Let’s Look At The Year in Review! (Fro Edition)

Hi guys! First of all, I just want to add my voice to Irene’s. I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts, but we know how crazy the end of the year can get. We have some amazing things in store for you guys for the second year(can you imagine?) of DR!

So I wanted to close out the year with a quick review of my hair. What’s been going on with it, how it’s changed, etc…

I started off January 2013 with a MOPEY post about self determination and doubt about my fro. I remember exactly how I was feeling that day. I still had my relaxed ends and I just wasn’t feeling them. I yearned for a voluminous, fluffy, fro. 


In February, I told you guys about my protein treatments that would eventually become a part of my regimen! I still had those limp, relaxed ends that made me look like a wet dog.


But then I bought you guys a CURLY FRO that didn’t come out to be expected. I looked like a POODLE.


In March, I tried my first CurlFormers set and promptly realized that they were not the best to sleep in.


In April, my texture was really coming in and it was quite evident.


May. Oh Lord, May was an interesting month. Who in their right mind let me leave the house looking like this?!


In June, my REDEMPTION DREWETH NIGH! I got my first wig ever, and I was seriously feeling myself! I still have her (her name is Joanna, if you didn’t know!)


In July, I installed Marley twists! I was starting to like the idea of giving my hair a rest while wearing wigs or extensions.


August was a big month for me! I did a set of puffy twists, and I FINALLY loosed myself from those ends and did my first twist out!



In September, I did my first length check and a REALLY shrunken wash and go!


In October, I did a really cute jumbo bun!


November was a flat twist out with a lot of definition and body, among other things!


And that’s it! Here we are in December, and I can truly say that my hair is not in the same place it was at the start of the year. I can definitely see a difference, and now I have the body and fluffiness that I craved in the beginning of the year! Girls, change and growth really do happen! Don’t stop believing!


Until next time,

Mandisa ❤


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