Back To The Basics!

Hey Everyone! I feel like it’s been sometime since I’ve made a post! I’ve been working like crazy. I know ya’ll don’t want to hear the excuses but trust me I’ve missed staying connected with all of you. Anyway today is going to be all about the lovely low manipulation style that most natural gals adore. Can you guess what it is? The Braid Out! I don’t know what it is but lately this has been my go to style. When I first started this journey there were two styles I was definitely NOT a fan of, it was braid outs and bantu knots. I still don’t like bantu knots all that much, but braids outs really have been growing on me.

I can wear my hair all out, half up, half down, in a bun, or an updo! Lately my favorite has been wearing it in a bun or an updo because the texture and definition the braid gives makes the average bun look nothing short of BORING. Alright enough chatting. Here are the steps I take to get the perfect braid out!

Make sure you have some clips handy!
First I section my hair into six or seven sections.
Three in the back, One in the middle, Two on the sides, & One in the front.
If my lazy I’ll just do two in the back, two on the sides, & two in the front.
I try to stay away from just working in 4 sections because getting rid of those parts can be a pain in the neck.

Keep in mind that the smaller the braid the more defined. The bigger the braid the less defined your hair will be.
So let that be your guide.

For each section I lightly spritzs with water (if needed) I won’t do this in the middle of the week when I’m re-moisturizing, simply because I don’t want my hair to shrink up too much.
Then I apply my moisturizer of choice. Right now it’s my Cantu Shea Butter Hair Lotion ❤
& put a little coconut oil on my ends because their always dry and gross looking to me lol

This is also a very important step. You don’t want all that moisture you just put on your hair to evaporate. You would just be left with dry hair all over again. I choose to seal with shea butter and a little bit of jojoba oil. My hair has been feel so soft and supple.
The butter has also been giving me optimum results in the definition department! 😀

Now you just keep the braids in as long as you would like. I usually let mine set overnight. If time allows I’ll keep them in for 2 days if I’m not doing anything. In the morning I take the braids out with a little coconut oil on my finger tips to minimize frizz. Then I fluff and separate and I’m good to go! Then at night a braid it up again. After about 3 days max I do this entire process again.

I hope this was helpful! I wish I had pictures to show!
Talk to you all soon! Let us know in the comments below how you achieve your best braid out!
I’d love to hear.
– Irene


My Natural Hair Is…

Hi guys! Happy Sunday!
I usually wouldn’t post on a Sunday, but for today, I had to make an exception. I just got wind of this AWESOME campaign that UnTouch My Hair, one of the pages I follow, on Instagram is doing! I am sooo down for the cause (and I’m making Irene for it too), so I figured that all of you can be on the bandwagon with us!
The basics are that everyday on Instagram, UntouchMyHair will post the phrase “My Natural Hair Is….” and fill in the blank with a specific word. For the challenge, those who follow and choose to partake have to declare that their natural hair is…! Then, they post that declaration in a video or picture on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr! Then, tag that submission with #mynatural114, #untouchmyhair, and #utmh. Easy as pie!
I love this project and I’m so down because our natural hair is really whatever we want it to be. We can literally mold it to what we want and there is no other hair texture in the world like that!
So go ahead and follow UnTouchMyHair on Instagram and Twitter. (And Tumblr if you see fit.) if you’re choosing to do this, let me know by tagging #divinelyrooted along with the other tags on your photo or video. Also, if you’re not following me already, I’m MandisaMarie on IG.
This is so exciting, friends! I’ll be updating you guys every week or so, so you can be in on the fun I’m having! 🙂

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️