The Denman Brush!

Hello everyone! Today I’m coming to you with a quick product review that’s been a long time coming!


The Denman brush has been sought after by me for a while, because I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. I’ve had it for a while now, and I feel like I can give you an accurate review.

So the brush comes packaged like any other brush, and has seven rows of bristles for about $10. I recently modified it and took out every other row of bristles, which leads me to the first reason why I love this tool. It is very easy to modify this tool to your liking. Want less bristles? Just open up the brush and take them out! I don’t know of any other brushes that allow users to do this.

This brush is also GREATTTTTT at detangling. I hate to own up to this, but when I’m too lazy to finger detangle, I make sure my hair is loaded with conditioner and use this brush. It goes through with ease, and you don’t even have to start at the ends and work your way up!

The last point I want to touch on is the curl clumping. If you look up wash and goes on YouTube, you will be drowning in tutorials regaling the wash and go as the perfect tool to use. They’re right!! I rarely try wash and goes anymore, but if I did? The Denman would be it. It’s curl clumping abilities are like none other. Paired with a curl clumping product (like Mixed Chicks), your curls will be on a hunnid all day!

Would I repurchase this brush if I lost it? Absolutely. It saves time, detangles, and clumps curls all in one shot.

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️


Preparing Your Hair for a Protective Style

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic week. Today I’m coming to you guys with some vital information on preparing your hair and scalp for a protective style.
As you guys know, it’s become somewhat of a tradition for me to install some type of protective style over the summer, usually because I vacation and don’t want to deal with my hair. This summer will be no different, so I will be installing and wearing my protective style for the month of August. However, way too often I’ve seen ladies fail to properly prepare their hair and scalp for a protective style and therefore, lose the benefits of it. By not preparing your hair and scalp properly, the style ceases to be protective. So here are some of the things that you want to make SURE to do before installing your protective style.

You should be giving yourself a protein treatment regularly anyway, but the prime time to give yourself a protein treatment is before installing a protective style. Protein gives the hair added strength, which you want the hair to have in order to deal with the added weight of extensions. If you’re not protein sensitive, go ahead an double this step. Give yourself protein treatments two or three weeks ahead of time, consecutively.

I want to make it clear here that I am not simply talking about shampooing. Before installing a protective style, you need to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the dirt. If not, there might be extra buildup when the time comes to take your extensions out, and no one wants that. You can even go ahead and follow up the clarifying shampoo with a moisturizing one. You can also take this time to use any rinses you like to use to further clarify your scalp, including ACV or baking soda rinses.

You want to make sure that you fully detangle prior to protective styling. I think that this one is pretty obvious. Detangling ensures a smoother and cleaner look. Also, there is no doubt that you will have to Detangle after taking down your style. Detangling before makes the process go a little smoother.

This is going to impart your hair with the moisture that it will need for however long you decided to keep your protective style in. You want to make sure that you keep that deep conditioner in for a longer period of time than you normally would. You can even keep it on overnight if that’s what works!

I know I say that every step is important, but this one is especially important! This is such a key step because you hair will be under, or entwined with synthetic hair. Synthetic hair, like Marley hair, is known to suck the moisture out of our real hair. So moisturize!

This is our last step, and very important. All that moisture we imparted with the deep conditioner and our moisturizer of choice? We need to seal that goodness in so it has a harder time evaporating, or being sucked out by the synthetic hair. You can easily use an oil or some shea butter.

A few tips:
Ladies, I’m aware that it’s very easy to product overload before installing your protective style but do not do it! It will irritate the scalp AND promote product buildup AND you don’t want that! Trust me! So keep it simple with a moisturizer and an oil/other sealant.

Also, for those of us who know that our ends need a good trim but aren’t ready to part with the length yet, don’t be afraid to give yourself a really good trim before installing the protective style. At the most (depending on how you care for your hair), you will be cutting off a quarter inch to a half inch, and on average, hair grows a half inch a month. If you can keep your protective style in long enough, that length will be back in no time.


Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️

3 Tips for Maintaining a Weave

Hi Everyone! Although I may not have weave in at the moment, this is the season where women want to protect their hair from the hot elements or maybe they just want a break from their natural hair. I know the feeling. There’s nothing like a good sew-in to make you feel like a brand new woman. So today this post is going to be dedicated to you ladies who are thinking about getting a weave or already have on in. Eh hem my friend Geraldine this is for you as well 😉 How to keep your weave looking fresh for the duration you have it in, while not neglecting your hair underneath. I always say that’s just as important, if not more. I wouldn’t keep a weave in for more than 4 to 6 weeks. Take it out give your hair a nice treatment before installing the next.

Okay first things first cleansing. There’s nothing worse then getting the side eye from someone while you’re going to town itching that scalp or doing the infamous patting motion. We’ve all done it. Depending on how much you sweat or how your hair is looking cleansing is important. Whether you get it done at a salon or do it at home is up to you. I recommend using a mild shampoo or a cleansing conditioner. Cleansing conditioners are perfect for weaves because they still keep that moisture in your hair, while clarifying at the same time. Smooth the product into the hair in a downward motion. Never gather the hair on top of your head scrubbing or bunching it up, this will just induce knots, matting, and tangles. To get to your scalp simply lift the the hair and massage the product in between the wefts. Rinse well and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Allow your weave to dry completely. You don’t want to smell like a wet dog…seriously.

Leave In’s 
Leave in conditioners are the perfect way to freshen up your weave after getting it washed or throughout the week when it just needs some life back into it. Leave ins come in a lot of forms but for weaves I would recommend the kind in a spray bottle. Just because its light and won’t weight your hair down. Creme of nature argan oil perfect 7 is perfect for this. Stay away from oils and if your must use it apply it directly to your scalp not on the weave. If your hair seems to be getting dry at the ends apply a small amount of light oil such as the light penetrating oil by organixs. Remember less is more when it come to the product department. 

Silk Scarf or Bonnet
Another tip to keeping a nice looking weave is to protect it while you sleep. Grab yourself a silk pillowcase or a satin bonnet, nothing cotton. Cotton will only absorb the moisture out of the hair leaving it looking dry. This will prolong the life of your weave. They sell these at your local beauty supply store for super cheap


Stretching that’s Easy As 1,2,3!

Hi guys! I hope you’re having an amazing week! I’m coming to you today with a prime tip that I have for stretching that just washed, shrunken hair. Is it just me, or is that hair too perfect? I know that, in my opinion, when I’m going to a function, I want to have clean, freshly washed hair. However, I also want to have it shaped and not looking like a shrunken mess. I’ve been struggling with this since I’ve become fully natural, and I’ve finally found a solution.
After washing my hair, setting it in three stand twists, and sleeping on them to let them air dry, this is what I was working with.



The definition was amazing, but it was very “perfect” looking. So I took a pic to it and got to separating and fluffing. Not too much, though! After separating and fluffing, here is what I had.


Very, very shrunken. Even more shrunken than what I had before! I find that when I fluff, lift, and separate with the pick, my hair draws up. That was NOT the look. So here’s what I did to stretch.

You know those clips that we used to use when we relaxed our hair? The ones that were used to clip up the rollers before we went under that God-awful dryer? Well, they have TONS of uses now that we’re natural, although I’ll save those for another post. They are called single prong clips and they come through in a clutch to stretch out our shrunken fros.

Using the clips, I created “assembly lines” on medium sized sections of my hair. On each section, I used about four clips. Sometimes I used more, though.






I left these in for about ten minutes, based on the look that I wanted. The amount that you leave the clips on is up to you, but make sure not to leave it on too long. Doing so can cost you some definition and body. The result?



A wonderfully stretched and shaped fro! By the way, this three strand twist out is slowly but surely becoming my signature. It takes forever, but the outcome is SO worth it! I think it’s safe to say that I’ve mastered it! 🙂

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️

Hair Protection from Beach or Pool Water

Summer is here with a vengeance folks and if you’re a beach bum like me and plan to be laid up with your feet in the sand, or  a cup of lemonade in hand by the pool then this post is for you! These tips aren’t just for natural hair. Regardless of your hair texture straight, curly, or wavy these tips are essential to keeping your hair in the best of shape! Chlorine and/or salt water can be very damaging and drying especially if you have chemically treated, colored, or fine hair. Alright lets get into this.

1. Get your hands on coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and apply this to your dry hair. Don’t be shy coating your hair with this. I would suggest using coconut oil on dry hair because it penetrates the hair and acts as a barrier between the water and your hair.

2. Before you jump in the pool or run into the ocean soak your hair thoroughly with water, you know the water from your house. The easiest way I can explain this tip is that already wet hair has a less chance of soaking up as much beach water/ or chlorine than dry hair would.

3. On top of wet and oiled hair apply a conditioner that contains the ingredient “dimethicone” from midshaft down. I say applying it from the middle of your hair down because the conditioner has a less chance of running into your eyes. Dimethicone is another barrier that keeps the chlorine or salt water from getting in.

4. Bun, Braid, or Twist it up! You will thank me for this. The less tangles and matting the better. 😉

After Care

  • Use a clarifying shampoo this is the only way to remove the chemicals from the pool or the salt water from your hair and scalp. I wouldn’t do this too often because they do have tendency of drying your hair, but a natural alternative is an apple cider vinegar rinse. See my post Click Here
  • Deep Condition! This is self explanatory but it will restore the moisture you lost.

I hope this was helpful! Until next time, Irene

The Elusive Wash and Go feat. Lysa

Hiiiiiiii loves! Yes, it’s been quite a while, but in my defense, there’s been a lot going on. Anyway, today I’m coming to you guys with a guest post from one of my awesome friends, Lysa! I met her when I was starting undergraduate study and she’s remained a really good friend. She was natural before I ever thought about going there and rocks it with no qualms! She can rock any style,

20140701-150602-54362405.jpg but my favorite by far is her wash and go.

Her wash and go’s are literally bigger than life LOL the shape, the size, everything about them gives me life eternal LOL
I asked her to quickly tell us what she does to achieve said wash and go’s and here it is:

Now that summer is here,( Yes ! Yes! Finally!) all of us natural sistas are looking for the secret to the perfect wash and and go . The hot weather and humididty make us want to wash our hair more often, and week long protective styles just don’t seem as appealing after a long sweaty day. As a natural who has pretty much learned through 3 years of trial and error here are my main tips to achieve the perfect wash and go.

Here are my steps for the perfect wash and go.

1. Wash your hair thoroughly, this includes the length of your hair.

It is important to to note that during summer our scalps sweat a lot more, which means that buildup will become a more constant problem. My suggestion is that during sumer months, naturals switch to shampoos that are less creamy and thick to cleansers that are clear. Usually cleansers or shampoos that are clear tend to clarify a lot more, and help to remove buildup. Some of my favorites are KinkyCurly Comeclean and Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle shampoo (both are sulfate free). For me this makes a huge difference in how my wash and go comes out. Often naturals are hesitant of cleansing their hair well, especially their ends, but when you use a lot of creamy products or gels as I do you must make sure that you get rid of buildup. If you do not wash your hair thoroughly buildup will create a very frizzy, messy and tangled wash and go.

2. Condition/ deep condition/leave-in conditioner

This extra step can make a huge difference in how your curls or waves pop. Make sure that you do not skip this step. I normally apply conditioner and cover my hair with a cap for 10-30 minutes based on how much time I have, to allow it to absorb into my hair . Favorites:

Kinky Curly- Knot Today (leave-in staple, sometimes I use it as a cheat conditioner, detangler, and leave-in all in one)
UNA Intensive Protein ( Deep Conditoner and Protein Treatment)
Herbal Essences – Hello Hydration ( My light conditioner and go -to detangler)

3. Detangle!!!!!

I cannot stress how important this is for a wash and go. Detangling is necessary so that your leave-in conditioner and styling product distribute evenly throughout your hair. Your products must distribute nicely from your roots to your ends. Skipping the detangling process will leave you with a tangled, frizzy mop. Personally I alternate between finger detangling and using a comb, both work well.

4. Use the appropriate styling products and amounts for your hair type, and follow the directions!!!!!!!!!

As a natural is it is important to know your hair type, meaning, fine, thick or coarse. This will determine what styling products will work best for your hair. My hair is thick and coarse therefore, the best styling products for me are gels and custards. My hair needs a strong gel that will define and hold my curls, as well as protect them. My favorites are KinkyCurly Curling Custard, and Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I have been using these consistently because they are trusted staple products, I can trust that my wash and go will look exactly as I hope because I stick to the same products. Do not use the products the way that you feel you should use them, the manufacturers of these products have tested and come up with the directions for use for your benefit. It is wise to use them as intended. Some gels or custard products will advise that you apply them on wet hair, section by section using the “rake method”, it works!!

5. You’re Set! Now keep those little monsters out of your hair.

You have washed your hair, conditioned and detangled, applied your styling product appropriately, now you need to stop touching your hair! Continuously touching and combing your fingers through your hair will stop the cute curls, spirals and zigs from forming and setting with the product. Gels and custards work by clumping your curls together to eliminate frizz. Let your hair air dry for the rest of the day, or get under a dryer to expedite the process, once your curls are set, you should be a ble to extend your wash and go for at least two days.

That’s it! Once you have achieved your perfect wash- and- go stick to that same regimen. Remember what you used and the steps you took , this will ensure that your wash and go will always look the same, and will avoid bad hair days!

Now go and get it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂



Hi Everyone!
I wanted to take the time out and thank all of our followers and visitors who visit our blog on a daily basis even when we haven’t been posting as much as we normally would. You guys are awesome! Anyways. I’m here today with one of my favorite hair styles…the frohawk. I get tons of compliments on this hair do and there really isn’t much to it if you have the proper tools. If you’re getting bored with the same style I’d suggest trying this hair do out. It’s a little bit on the edgy/funky side so confidence is a must!

Moisturize & Detangle
I used my Cantu hair lotion to Moisturize my hair and detangled lightly. I didn’t want to smooth out my hair totally because the curls would’ve turned out sleeker and for this style I prefer the full look.

Product For Hold
This is totally up to you which product you decide to use. You can choose to use a small amount of gel on each strand, setting spray|foam, pudding whatever helps your hair to set and hold more than just one day. This part is essential.

Section, Roll, & Dry
I started rolling my hair from the back of my head to the front, in no organized order. I just grabbed medium sections after doing the first two steps and rolled my hair round the flexi rod. I didn’t roll the hair in any special type of motion. You can air dry over night if you can tolerate sleeping in rods. Or you can sit underneath a dryer.

Take Down
Be sure that your hair is 100% dry before taking the rods out. If not be anticipating some major frizz. Some of my pieces weren’t dry in the back but oh well. You live and learn. After all the rods are out you can begin to separate your curls. The more you separate the bigger your hair will get. I also had a pick handy 😉

Style & Shape
It depends on how I’m feeling but I either use bobby pins or small combs to slick up the sides of my hair with gel, a brush, and edge control. I would say the small hair combs are better because you don’t have to use as many in comparison to the bobby pins. Shape to your liking! That’s pretty much it!

A frohawk doesn’t just have to be on flexi rodded hair. You can also do it on your twist outs, Bantu knot outs, wash and go’s etc. This is just how I prefer doing it. To add some more character to the style you can twist or braid up the sides! Have fun with it!

Until next time!