Treating Synthetic Hair

In my last post I briefly mentioned how I’m hardly experiencing any extreme itching since I installed my marley twists. I’m absolutely loving them. I’m trying to keep them in for a month or until the beginning of September. Then I plan to rock my real hair for a little bit and put these right back in. Anyways before doing this protective style I came across an article about people experiencing severe itching, redness, & bumps due to having allergic reactions to synthetic hair. I discovered that there is an alkaline base coat on synthetic hair which can lead bad reactions, especially those with sensitivity. After all my time and effort putting these twists in, I wasn’t about to take the chance of possibly having a bad reaction because of the marley hair.

So just to be on the safe side, I soaked all my packs of hair in white vinegar because I ran out of my apple cider vinegar, either of them will get the job done. I filled a large bowl or fill your sink with hot water and 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar in the water. Let the synthetic sit in the water with the rubber band it came packaged with still keeping the bundle together, for 15-20 minutes or until you see a film lifting from the hair. Then rinse the hair off and let it completely air dry before installing.

There it is guys! I let you in on the secret! I really believe pre-treating my marley hair has really been combating the itching I could have been dealing with. To be honest I am experiencing some itching now (2 weeks after installing my twists), but that’s because my scalp isn’t used to going more than five days before being washed. I do plan on cleansing my scalp soon. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I hope this was helpful! I would totally recommend this to anyone.
Until next time,


Washing My Faux Locs!

Hello girls! Today I’m coming to you with how I washed my Marley locs.
Guys. My scalp gets dirty very, very quickly. Do I know why? No, but I do know that I have to wash my hair at least every week. If not, I feel very dirty and I don’t want to leave the house LOL
Washing my locs was very similar to washing my Marley twists. I used the same technique, more or less, and added a few things. It got pretty messy.
Anyway, I washed my faux locs about one week after installing them. I tried to wait it out until the two week mark, but I could literally feel the clumps of dirt. It’s like the scabs you get after a perm that burns you, but it’s dirt. Disgusting, I know.
To begin, I parted my hair into four sections to make it easier for myself. (I want to let you know that I did this out of the shower.) With each section, I soaked it in apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has many healing properties, but I used it for my itchy scalp.
After rubbing that in, I made a mixture of my Tresemme shampoo and water in my spray bottle. After shaking it up, I applied it directly to the scalp and got to scrubbing away at the dirt with the pads of my fingers.
You want to make sure and not get too crazy with the scrubbing because your hair is parted into the protective style, meaning if you get all willy nilly with the scrubbing, you can cause breakage.
When I was happy with the scrubbing, I hopped in the shower and let the water stream take care of the rinsing. Let me warn you, after drenching your dreads in water, you hair will be heavy. Be careful!
That was it for the washing process!
Be reminded that there is a lot of hair on my head LOL
So it will take a while for my hair to dry, but I’m planning on letting it air dry for a few hours.
I am not planning on moisturizing it. Yes, moisture is important. However, there is a layer of Marley hair over my natural hair right now, and the moisture will not penetrate that. I’m not about to waste product.
What I will do is oil my scalp with some tea tree oil for a tingle and an added fighter against itchy scalp.

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️





Faux Locs — Finally!

Hello everyone! I’m here to tell you all about how I installed these beautiful faux locs.



To install this style, it took me two days. I began late night, at around 10, and finished the next day, at around 6, with breaks included.

Are these dreads heavy? Absolutely. I’ve never had extensions in my head, other than the twists installed last summer, and these are way heavier than those.

I used Maria Antoinette’s YouTube tutorial, but threw in my own little twists. I began with braiding one piece of Marley hair into my head. I only braided my hair to the point at which my natural hair ended, in an effort to protect my ends. After my whole head was complete, I then used another piece of Marley hair to wrap around the braid. After that, I flat ironed the ends to encourage them to not fray.








I ended up using three different types of hair.



I had originally purchased the braiding hair because I was going to use that to braid and the Marley hair to wrap. However, the texture of the braiding was too silky for me. It’s weird to explain. It was silky, but tangled very quickly. I would say that that type of hair is for my permed sisters, but anyway, I went ahead and used the Marley hair to braid. I ended up having to go out and get more Marley hair in this ridiculous bun,


After getting the rest of the Marley hair, I finished my head.

I complained the whole time LOL, just ask Irene, but in all honesty, if you had one solid day to give up, you could get these locs done. Taking breaks is a necessity, though. Also, make sure to concentrate when wrapping the Marley hair around the braid. It’s very easy to twist instead of wrap, and I found myself doing that at times.

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️

Irene’s Marley Twists: Session 1

Hi Everyone!
It’s been quite sometime since I’ve made a post but I’m back! I hope you all are having an awesome summer. I’m actually headed to Puerto Rico with Mandisa in a few days. I’m so excited! Unfortunately summer is winding down but I will be making the most of these last couple of weeks! Since I’m leaving for vacation ya’ll know I had to install some type of protective style and Yes I chose marley twists. This has been a long time coming!


The Technique
After watching countless videos on Youtube I decided to do the invisible root method. I’m not going to sit here and say that I got the hang of it on the first try, because I didn’t. It took a lot of patience and practice. Basically you section a piece of your hair, divide that section in two, place the strands of marley hair in between those two sections you made with your natural hair, begin twisting one side of the divided section into the marley hair clockwise, and repeat the same thing on the other side counterclockwise, then twist all the way down! Yes it sounds super complicated but it’s MUCH easier to grasp if you’re watching someone do it. Once I was done, to keep my ends from unraveling, I boiled hot water and dipped my ends for a few seconds to seal them. Have a hand towel handy to catch and blot the hot water! Do yourself a favor and hop on YouTube. Here are some people that were really helpful to me DonedoNaturalMetra,Christian Byshe, & Ebony Clark

Brand, Color, Price
Originally I wanted to use 3 pieces of marley hair per section but I was starting to run out of hair, and I only purchased 5 packs for $5.99, which isn’t bad at all, so instead I opted for 2 strands of marley hair. At least I know for next time to buy more hair. I used Janet’s marley hair in the color 1b.

The process took me a day and a half to finish, granted I was in no type of rush. I made sure I wasn’t doing anything those days and dedicated the time to my hair. Yes my hands were cramping and my arms were tired but it was worth it. I’m pleased with the results. I’d much rather endure temporary finger cramps than to give someone almost $200 to do it for me. Lol

Prepping My Hair
Prior to putting the twists in I co washed my hair, deep conditioned, applied my kinky curly knot today leave in, moisturized with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and sealed my hair with shea butter and jojoba oil. If you have time I would suggest doing a protein treatment as well. I did mine a few days prior. I also let my hair air dry before putting the twists in. Aside from my normal wash day products, once I actually started installing the hair all I used was a little IC clear gel to blend my natural hair with the synthetic hair.

I have no intentions on washing my hair while it’s in this protective state. I only plan on keeping these in for about a month, but if I do cleanse my hair it will either be with ACV or diluted shampoo. But as of right now I’m not experiencing any itching, and I”ll be back soon to tell you why 😉 I’ll be sure to update you guys on that. I always say to NEVER neglect your natural when it’s in any type of style. It just defeats the purpose of “protective styling”. So every other day or so I lightly mist my hair with a leave in conditioner and seal that moisture in with some Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil. OH! You can’t forget the edge control! Lol


If you have any questions feel free to ask!
I’ll be back to talk about styling soon!
Talk to you soon.


My Hairfinity Journey

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m here today to bring you guys my Hairfinity journey. I took Hairfinity for about 5 months, from March to the end of July, and I’m here today to tell you guys all about it.
I stopped taking Hairfinity for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s very expensive. $25 a bottle adds up very, very quickly. Also, I didn’t really feel like it was doing anything for my hair. However, we all know that feeling mean nothing when compared to evidence. So here we go!
Here’s a picture of my fro before I started the pills :


There are definitely a lot of spaces, my hair is not as full as it could be, and it doesn’t look that thick.

Here’s a picture of my fro after Hairfinity (this was taken a week ago) :

See how much fuller it looks? No more open spaces, and it looks a lot thicker! Here’s another picture of my puff (after Hairfinity) :


See the fullness?? 🙂

So yes, regardless of how I felt, I did see results. My hair definitely gained volume, fullness, and thickness. My hair grew horizontally.

My hair also grew vertically, but not much. At my last length check, I was at 10′ in the back, and as of yesterday, I’m 12′. So my hair grew vertically as well.

Here’s the thing though. I don’t attribute all of that growth to Hairfinity. I absolutely think that the vitamins had something to do with it, but during the time that I was taking them, I was also exercising more, eating healthier, and following a consistent hair regimen. I was also drinking a TON of water, at least a gallon a day. So I can’t be sure exactly how much of my growth was from Hairfinity. What I can tell you is that it was a good investment and a good experience.

Bottom line: if you have the money, go for it! But also make sure to follow a consistent hair regimen, exercise, and eat a good diet to reap all of the benefits from the vitamins.

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️