Quick Semi Protective Style

Hi Everyone!
I was scrolling through my Instagram the other day, because majority of the people I follow post pictures of beautiful people and the many different styles natural hair can achieve. I love it! Anyway I came across a picture that became the inspiration for the style I’m about to show you today! It’s quick and easy, especially when you’re at a loss for new styles. All you will need is a hair tie, bobby pins, and a few perm rods.

First thing I did was part the front section of my hair. This is the bang area where you will be installing the perm rods eventually. For now just clip it out of the way.

Secondly, the rest of my hair I put up into a high bun. Yours doesn’t have to as high. Feel free to do a side bun, a low one, whichever you prefer. I also used gel for a more sleek look.

Now onto the fun part! I got these perm rods from my beauty supply store for cheap. The down side is that they break so easily. I don’t know if it’s just me or what. Just to be on the safe side grab an extra pack. I guess it’s true you get what you pay for.

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I used some motions setting wrap foam on each individual section. Then let air dry. Here are the results!

Until next time!
– Irene


Curling Marley Twists

Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to show you an easy way to create a fresh new style for your marley twists. Curling your marley twists can be your basis for a sophistacted updo or any style for that matter, but if you’re like me and have those days where you just want to keep it simple, then why not just let your curls flow girl! All you need are some flexi rods and boiling hot water!

First I divided my hair in half, working from back to front. I made sure to keep the amount of twists per flexi rod to a minimum. I’d say 2-3 twists on a rod. Starting from the ends and roll to about halfway. Once your whole entire head is set, boil some water on the stove and dip each individual flexi rod into the hot water. Instead of bending down so close to the hot pot, I poured the water into a tall glass and dipped my hair in there. Make sure to have a towel around your neck to keep from burning yourself.  I left my hair in the hot water for about ten seconds. The hot water helps the synthetic hair take the shape of the flexi rod, allowing it to curl. Once I was done doing that I put a scarf on my head, and allowed my hair to set and dry over night. At this point you should be looking something like this.


Once I took out the rods this is what I was working with 🙂 The curls held up for a while I was impressed.










Talk to you guys soon. ❤
– Irene