Michel Mercier Detangling Brush Review

Hello Lovelies,
Happy New Year! I hope the holidays treated everyone well. I spent some time with my family and nothing is better than that. Today I’m going to review a product my wonderful sister in law and brother got for me. They both know I’m into hair care and I’m a boarderline product junkie. So this was right up my alley. Lol. The first time I ever heard of this brush was when Whitney, also known as Naptural85 on YouTube reviewed it on her hair channel. You could watch it for yourself. I’ll leave links at the end of this post. It was pretty in depth and she had mixed feeling about the brush, as do I and I’m here to tell you why.

My brush is dedicated to thick hair. They also have two others for normal and fine hair. My brush in particular has 428 different bristles varing in heigts, thickness, and locations. No I didn’t count each individual bristle if you were wondering. Lol I’m not that crazy. The box gives you a nice description.

It claims to
– Smoothly massage the scalp while brushing
– Quickly detangle
– Pleasant brushing experience
– Reduced hair loss and breakage

(Advices to replace every 8-12 months for best results)

My thoughts
Before using this brush I made sure to detangle my hair like I always do before washing my hair. While using this detangling brush during my shampoo and conditioning process, I did notice that it was gliding through the knots I wasn’t able to get when I intially detangled my hair. I don’t think I would use this brush during my washing routine without first detangling my sections like I normally do. Just because I feel light it would pull out unessary hair. I also liked how it smoothed and clumped my curls together. The design of the brush is really sleek and slim down the handle. I didn’t have that much trouble controlling the brush in my hand. I did notice it was easier for me to hold it from the head of the brush though.

I took a picture of the amount of hair I lost using this while my hair was wet (left)
and how much I lost using it on dry hair (right). I do like using it more on damp hair than I do soaking wet.
I do have thick hair (4a & 4b for reference) but I know there are hair types out there thicker than mine.
I personally dont think that this would work as well on really thick coarse textures. This brush isn’t cheap as well.
Although I’m thankful for this gift. I probably wouldn’t have purchased it with my own money. You
might be able to try a cheaper alternative.

Thats my honest opinion! Here’s another https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrcKkfzfw1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZLCSpqUTmo
I hope it helps.
Much Love, Irene


Looking Back….

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful week so far! Today, I want to come to you with a double whammy. You get a two for one today! The importance of journeying your progress to see growth and not giving up! Let’s get into it!

So I recently shared with you that I had achieved my hair goal set in 2013 of 14 inches of hair. It didn’t really occur to me that my hair had grown that much, but through this blog (where I journaled about my hair), I was able to see just how much it has grown. I am flabbergasted.

photo 3 photo 5

Talk about a drastic change in length! The first picture might not be from this past year, but you get my drift! The last two pictures are definitely from this year and there is a definite change in length. In the second picture, my hair barely reached my neck! But in the third (and fairly recent) picture, my hair reaches my shoulder EASILY! Let’s not even talk about that first picture, where I had eye length curls.

The thing I want to focus in on is that those are three pictures of the same hairstyle!

And they look so different!

I remember the first picture. I hardly wore my hair out because I was ashamed of my short hair, but NOW? When I’m not protective styling, I wear them twists OUT, honey! The bigger the hair, the harder they stare, and I love the attention LOL

I guess the takeaway from this is — please be sure to journal your progress. Even when it looks like there’s no significant growth, you just might be surprised!

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤

How to Reach Your Hair Goal

Hi beautiful ones! Since the New Year is still upon us, I decided to take a look back on my hair goals. Guess what? In New Year 2014, I set a goal for myself of 14 inches, and in my latest straightened hair post, I shared with you guys that my hair has reached 14 inches! I really did not think it would LOL but it did. I am pretty proud of myself! *pats back*

My hair was 8 inches last year and it’s hard to think about my hair being that short! But I told myself that I would reach 14 inches by next year,and I did it. I set a personal challenge, took care of my hair properly, and achieved the goal that I set out to achieve. In this post, I’ll tell you how I did it.

length2013 image (2)

1. Protective Styles

Protective styles were ya girl’s BEST FRIEND. I did it all. Wigs, braids, twists, no protective style was left undone. Some were with my hair, and for some I had some help. It didn’t matter the season either. I did them in the summer, spring, winter, and fall! I really believe in the power of protective styling. All the protection while looking amazing!

fancy2014 joanna2013 marleytwists2014myhairtwists2013photo 2IMG_4476

2. Deep Conditioning and Protein Treatments

I made it a point to deep condition and/or protein treat EVERY SINGLE wash day. Deep conditioning brings moisture into the hair, and moisture leads to less breakage. Protein makes the hair strong, which also leads to less breakage.

dc2013 hairmayo

3. No Unnecessary Trimming

I did not trim my hair in all of 2014 ( I don’t think.) I know we want our hair to be healthy, and in order to do so, oour ends have to be clipped. However, overcutting them just ensures that you won’t see any growth, and you could be chopping off  perfectly healthy hair.

4. Heat Moderation

I’m not saying I didn’t use ANY heat in the past year, but I definitely kept it to a minimum. Heat pulls moisture from your hair and less moisture leads to — you guessed it– breakage. That’s why it’s so important to properly moisturize before you use any heat tools.

5. Take Time and Be Patient — Show your hair some love!

I do think that this is at the HEIGHT of importance for hair of all textures. I really took my time and spent a lot of time caring for my hair during 2014. I was gentle with it, I didn’t overmanipulate it, etc. If you take care of it, and show it that you will put in the work, it will grown (HONEST!)


I put a star next to it because I was on it for almost six months! Do I think that Hairfinity alone deserves the credit for me reaching my hair goal? No, simply because I didn’t see any drastic growth while I took it. I could be wrong. I don’t plan on taking it again, so if I don’t reach my hair goal in 2015, we know why LOL

So, here’s my hair growth goal for 2014. Considering that I retained my six inches in 2014, I’m gonna go for it and say that my hair will be 20 INCHES by January 1, 2016! Eep! But that’s what I did last year, I added six inches to my current length. So there it is! You lovely people can hold me accountable.

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤

So Many Flat Irons!! How to Choose?!

Hello y’all! I hope you’re having a spectacular week so far! Today, I want to talk to you guys about picking the right flat iron. I mean, let’s be real, there are so many on the market right now. It’s easy to have your head spinning! But really, guys, it is sooooooo important to pick the right flat iron for your hair; it’s essential! Why? Because choosing the right flat iron is the first step to ensuring that you have a straight, frizz free, head of hair. (If you choose to straighten.) Since I recently lost all my hair irons, I’m in the market to pick up some new ones. Here are the things you want to look for when selecting a proper flat iron for your hair. (This goes for curling irons as well.)


1. Consider your hair length relative to the flat iron size.

So yes, we’re all curly girls, but considering your hair type and texture AND length is important in figuring out what size flat iron you should purchase. I would personally say, if your hair is above shoulder length, go for a half inch curling iron. It’ll be sure to get the shorter strands more smooth. However, if you have bra strap length hair like myself, you want to go for a one inch flat iron. Because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME to be running over them long tresses with a half inch flat iron. It’ll get your hair a little less smooth than the half inch, but you can easily use the chase method to make up for that.

2. Make sure it has a digital heat setting.

This may be the most important tip. Digital heat settings are so important because they tell you exactly how much heart you are applying to your hair. The fact that I lost all my irons may be a blessing in disguise, because none of them had heat settings and I had no idea how much heat I was applying. For fine hair, you want to go with a lower heat setting, but for thicker hair, you can obviously bump it up a notch or few.

3. Consider the material of the plates.

This is also important, because the material of the plates will have a huge impact on how smooth your hair comes out. You want to make sure you get ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates. They will heat up more evenly and make the chance of heat damage a lot less real. These plate materials will produce shiny, non frizzy hair. Be very wary of plates that are “coated” with these materials because they are a lot less evenly heated.

4. Steam Vents

Choosing a flat iron that has a steam vent is particularly important because it will extract moisture while sealing the cuticle. This will ensure a smooth surface and shine to the hair. This is extremely beneficial because if straightening hair when damp (which is a no-no), these steam vents will work to extract moisture from the cuticle.

5. Cord Movement

Lawd, this is one that is so easily looked over. You know when you have to get to that kitchen? Or get them edges laid? A long swivel cord to accompany your flat iron will allow you to reach those areas seamlessly. If it’s not flexible and able to move, you could end with kinky sections for lack of getting to them. On the flip side, if it ain’t long, you’re gonna have to manuever your body around the flat iron, which is almost ALWAYS going to end in a burn.

Ladies, I know. To find a flat iron with these features can be expensive. And trust me when I tell you I KNOW about not having the funds. However, I want you to think about the long term effects of your hair + a janky, cheap flat iron. Honestly, you would be wasting money if you don’t buy one that’s worthy of your hair!

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤

Straight Hair, DO Care!

Helloooooo out there! Happy New Year! I hope you’re doing fantastic, and THIS post is going to be all about my straight hair that I am drastically in love with.

But ya’ll are like, “Wayment, didn’t you say you hated when your hair was straightened a week ago?”

I sure did, girl, but this is an oh so slayed way to wear my straight hair.

Y’all, I am slowly but surely becoming a wig head. It’s like a straight up addiction. You can’t buy just one! My wigs of choice are long and straight. Sometimes I’ll rock a curly one, like this past summer, but for the most part, long and straight is the way to go for this girl. I’ve recently received my fave wig, and before I give you deets, I wanna slay y’all with some pictures first so you can see how it looks.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 (1) photo 4

Now you lie to me and tell me that this here don’t look like a fresh sew in! YASSSSSSS!!!!

This is Motown Tress’s Lion unit, and it is AMAZING. Out of the many wigs that I own, this would be my absolute favorite. Now, I’m usually a Freetress Equal girl when it comes to wigs, but after watching a video on this unit from HerStyleYo on YouTube, I could not pass her up. She’s amazing. She’s amazing. She’s AMAZING. I know I’m being repetitive and annoying, but she really is.

Other than looking as realistic as a fresh sew in, she’s 20 inches; right up my alley. She is VERY thick and luxurious, and actually mimics real Black hair when straightened. I bought her from HairStopandShop for $37, and after VERY FAST shipping (she came on Thursday after ordering her on Tuesday) she was on my doorstep waiting for me.

She does tangle and shed, but that’s just due to her length and texture. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful!She’s like a Kinky Straight.

I call her my Naomi Campbell hair. I call her my Beyonce hair. Y’all, she is just….my favorite. There’s really no wig that I have that can compare. I will continue to purchase Motown Tress, and you can be sure that I will purchase another Lion.

I love me a good wig. There’s just so many benefits. You don’t have to commit to it because it’s not sewn or glued on. You have the freedom of taking it off at night and caring for your scalp. You can still maintain your hair’s health. You can change your look at any given time and be slayed out of the bag. If color’s you thing, you can change your hair color without any of the harsh effects. You don’t have to sit in a stylist’s chair for hours on end.

That’s it. That’s this whole post. I love Lion. She’s Bae.

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤