Bentonite Clay Mask

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are doing well and if you’re in the New York area staying warm!
Anyways I’m actually writing a post about my first experience using bentonite clay on my hair,
just a few hours after using it. That’s how excited I am to share everything with you. I purchased
my bentonite clay off of Ebay months ago, with every intention of using it for my hair, and I’m just
now getting around to it.


Cleanses & Softens
Bentonite clay is super absorbent and has the ability to clarify your hair without leaving it with that stripped feeling, which I can testify to today. When I rinsed the clay out of my hair, I never expected it to make my hair feel so soft like I just conditioned it. I made sure after rinsing to check my scalp for any build up, dirt or residue. Mind you I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks before this, and my scalp was CLEAN folks.

Before you get ready to mix your clay, I would recommend wearing an old t-shirt because this can get a tad messy. I made sure to have clips on hand so I could separate my hair into four workable sections. To mix your mask, its important that you’re using both a plastic bowl and spoon because the clay can draw the impurities out of metal.

I used a very simple recipe. All you need is apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, water, and of course the clay. I personally didn’t measure anything. I poured some clay into the plastic bowl, then the apple cider vinegar (it will start to sizzle), about a tablespoon of olive oil, and water. Just eyeball it. The trick is to add the ingredients a small amount at a time, until you reach that creamy smooth consistency. I ended up with more than I needed and used the extra as a face mask. 🙂 IMG_4568

I separated my hair into 4 sections, working from back to front. Before smoothing the clay into my hair, I sprayed each section thoroughly with water. This just helps the mix to distribute MUCH easier. I applied it to my hair, roots, and scalp, smoothing it all the way to ends. Once it was on every inch of my hair, I left it in for about 30 mins, but not to the point where it was rock hard. Then I rinsed it out with warm water with no trouble. Make sure you rinse thoroughly



I was super surprised by the results! You could probably tell that already. I will definitely be doing this more often. My curls were clumped together, super defined, popping, and completely frizz-less! I was in love. I deep conditioned afterwards for added moisture, but I really didn’t have to. Stay tuned for my wash and go attempt!

I hope this helps one of you!
Until next time!
– Irene


A Little Dose of Vintage

Hey Lovelies,
I’m coming at you today with a super simple vintage style! I have no idea what inspired me to try out this hairstyle, but I was standing in the mirror one night just fiddling around with my hair and this is what came of it! It’s crazy simple.
Alright enough chatter, let’s get into this!IMG_4400-0
All I did was start on heatless super stretched hair! I chose to keep the back out, because I was feeling the volume (as always) but you can style that however your heart desires. Then I parted the front section of hair, using the arch of my eyebrows as a guide. Once I figured out how much hair I wanted, I rolled the bang under and pinned! Done!
I hope you like!
I would love to see your own spin on this style!
Until next time,

Valentine’s Day Inspired Hair

Hello Lovelies!
Happy February! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I figured this was the perfect time to post this new hair style I achieved on old stretched hair. I personally think that this hair style is sexy yet classy enough for a date night with your significant other, but also cute for dinner with your friends! One of the things I love about natural hair is it’s versatility, so it’s completely up to you! I don’t intend on doing anything for Valentine’s Day, but wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, make sure your spending the day with the people|person you love!

I started this look on a week old blow out using the tension method. My hair wasn’t bone straight at this point. In fact the roots were beginning to revert and my hair was getting puffy. Which is perfect because for this particular style, the more volume the better!

Starting from the back of my head, clipping the rest of my hair out the way, I grabbed a medium sized strand of hair, moisturized it with Dr. Miracles Soft Hold Curl Crème, and wrapped it around my finger, just like I would if I was wrapping my hair around a curling wand. Then I slid the hair off my finger, making sure not to disturb the curl I just created, and pinned it down. That’s it!


I put on my silk scarf and left the pinned curls over night. The next day I was rocking voluminous and soft curls. Make sure to separate, pick, and fluff to your liking. To preserve the curls at night I did the same routine. Here are the final results!


I hope you like!
Until next time,
Irene ❤