Pre-Pooing Natural Hair with Coconut Oil


Hey Ladies!
If you know anything about me, you probably already know that wash day has never been something I look forward too, and something tells me I’m not the only one! Thankfully, pre-pooing has been making wash day a lot easier for me and a lot more tolerable. Some might think taking the extra step to pre-poo is unnecessary, but I’ve noticed when I don’t do it, I spend more time trying to detangle my hair. I also experience more shedding as well. I would definitely recommended giving it a try. Be sure to share my video. Or like, comment, & s u b s c r i b e.


How to Blend Half Wig with Natural Hair

Hey Loves!
Lately I’ve been in protective style mode because I want to retain as much length as possible, but mostly because I’ve just been to lazy to style my hair! So I decided to make a video on this easy half up half down look that I’ve been doing as of late. This is the same half wig I posted about a couple years ago! If you’re looking for a protective style or just want to know how to blend your natural hair with a curly half wig, then this is perfect for you….especially if you’re transitioning! Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget to share, like, comment, and/or Subscribe!