How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat

We all know about shrinkage, either you love it or you hate it. I’m probably somewhere in between, but I’ve come to realize that it’s just one of those things about natural hair that I had to learn how to embrace. Let’s be honest if you’re wearing your hair in its natural state, shrinkage isn’t something you can avoid completely. Thankfully, I found two methods to stretch my hair if I want to keep heat at a minimum! What I love most about our kinks and curls is that we have so much versatility and with versatility comes options!

Start by diving your hair into sections, gently tie ouchless hair elastics down the length of your hair. Make sure the hair bands don’t any metal on them because those have a tendency to rip hair out. I like using this method on freshly washed first day hair. That’s when I have the most shrinkage.

Divide your hair into four workable sections, depending on how thick your hair it you may want to do more. Braid each section and pin the braid in the opposite direction for more stretch. This will also reduce tangling!

I hope this was helpful.
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and let me know what are your favorite methods to stretch your hair!
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Irene ‚̧