Twisted Curls Hairstyle

Hi Everyone!
Once again scrolling on Instagram I came across this beautiful style created by Tiffany Nichols!

She has plenty of cute sophisticated styles. Make sure you check her out! TiffanyNicholsDesign

I figured it didn’t look too hard. Why not give it a go! Luckily she had a YouTube video on this particular style, so I wasn’t totally on my own.

First you want to make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled and moisturized. Section your hair in half from ear to ear. Clip the front section out of the way. Now you should just be focusing on the back section. This is where it gets a little tricky. I had to get my mother to part my hair in the back just to make sure it was straight. Part the back section of hair right down the middle. You should now have 2 halves. Then part both halves down the middle, creating four sections.

Then I flat twisted each section beginning from the my nape up. Stop when you get to the middle of your head where you made the initial part, and pin! If you aren’t that great at flat twisting you can opt for braids as well.
All I can say is keep practicing. I’m still not perfect at it.

Once you finished twisting or braiding the four sections in the back, it’s time to work on the front! You can get creative with this as well. I chose just to use flexi rods, but the choices are endless, depending on the type of curl you’re going for. I was sort of in a hurry so flexi rods were the best for me. In the morning this is what I was working with!




Until next time,
❤️ Irene


Successful Flat Twist Out?!



I bet you want to know why I’m giving my hair the side eye right now.

This was one of those styles where I wish my stringy, dead, relaxed ends could just *poof* BEGONE! Look at my roots! They look so good! And then you get to my ends and it’s like WHOMP WHOMP!
I could tell that this would have been a very successful flat twist out. I did this style on dirty hair. All I did was spritz with water, add my Cantu Shea Butter, and seal it with a little olive oil. I then parted my hair deep on the left side, then began to flat twist. I made about 10. I did add flexi rods, but I took them out after a couple hours. I let them set for a couple hours, and this was my result.



It literally pained my heart to see the success that could have been, LOL, but such is the transitioning life.

So I had to redirect the style, and quickly. Here’s what I came up with.



Ginormous side buns for the win!!! 🙂

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤

Big, Curly, Fluffy Fro! V 2.0!

Hello beautiful ones! Happy Monday! I hope your week is starting out wonderfully! Today I’m coming to you with a cute, curly fro I did over the weekend.
This style was done on freshly washed and conditioned hair. It was then moisturized with my new Cantu Shea Butter that I picked up last week!
I then put my hair in eight flat twists, beginning at the crown of my head and going down. After that, I attached a flexi to each one and let the style set for about eight hours.



After coating my hands and fingers with a little EVOO, I began to unravel my flat twists. To my surprise, they were coming out big and fluffy! Here’s how it looked before separating.

After separating, fluffing, and adding a thick black band:



After messing with it a bit, and not liking what I saw, I began to get discouraged. So discouraged that I ended up just putting it in a ponytail. 😦

I simply do not have the courage to rock my big fro! And that’s where the personal challenge comes in. I need to get the courage to wear this fro, it’s something that I have to do. And with summer coming up, it’s the PERFECT time! So why not?! I’m gonna rock my curly fro out one day in the next month. My hair is gorge, big and fluffy or not!

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤