I’m Back!!….And I Missed You!

GUYS!!!!!! Hello, my beautiful people!!!!! I’m so excited to be writing this, let me tell you. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written, but I’ve been going through some stuff. Nothing negative, don’t worry!

I had to complete my student teaching (which has been truly AMAZING and more than anything that I could ever ask for), and I had to pass my edTPA (which is just HORRENDOUS – but I passed it with the mastery level because God is good!!!), and I just had some personal stuff going on!

So let’s begin with an update about my hair. I have reached bra strap length 🙂 It’s been about four months, so my hair was bound to grow. The thing is that I was able to retain the length, and I am pleased.

For the most part, I wore a wig as we transitioned here in the U.S from the summer to the fall. But sine about October on, I’ve been wearing my real hair out. The looks from people were hysterical, because they only knew my wig hair. Their faces were priceless.

Anyway, here is my updated routine as of December 2014.

I still wash my hair in four sections, but I co-wash more now. I haven’t shampooed in about a month now. I began co-washing simply because circumstances didn’t allow me to shampoo, and I figured I should try co-washing anyway. I will co-wash weekly after I deep condition with my favorite deep condish. When I am finished, I will add some Mixed Chicks leave-in (this is sort of a variable – if i feel like it). However, I will always, WITHOUT fail, add my moisturizer (Cantu) and oil (Olive). Recently though, I’ve been on the hunt for a styler because I can not usually achieve second day hair and I think that the culprit is that I don’t use any product with hold. I’m pretty basic on wash day usually. I bought a HUGE tub of gel to try a wash and go some weeks ago (more on that soon!), and I decided to use that as a styler. It’s been working pretty well.

That’s really it. I don’t do the extra but necessary things as often anymore (read: hot oil treatments, heavy protein treatments) simply because I’m lazy, but it’s cold, and my hair needs protection. So needless to say, I’ll be doing those.

So this has been an updated routine post, but I should mention to you guys that I met Jenell. No big deal.


photo 1

She is really an amazing person, and so sweet! She had a pop up meet and greet at a local Target (like, 12 minutes away from me). You know I had to go and meet her, right? She was there promoting the Curls brand, and spoke about how she uses the Blueberry Bliss control paste on her twist outs to style. It was a really awesome talk, and I got a free sample of the Blueberry Curls control paste. It was awesome, and she gave me some good advice about growing the DivinelyRooted brand. I told her about y’all, so if she’s reading, HEYY GIRLLL! I don’t know if you guys know, but she moved closer to me recently and it looks like she’s going to be at a lot more local meet ups, which I LOVE.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I have tons of goodies for you guys, so stay tuned!

Until next time,