2016 Length Check

Happy Sunday Everyone.
Some of you readers have been here since the very beginning of my journey. I don’t think I’ve done an official length check of the course of these 3 plus years, so here it is! I recently did a much needed trim. Like I’ve always said, health over length right? I’m all about length retention lately, so if you have any tips, be sure to let me know! In the meantime here’s length check

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Straight Hair, Don’t Really Care…

Hi lovely people! I hope you’ve had an amazing week so far! This post is about my straight hair that I had for all of THREE DAYS, lol. Let’s pop the top, shall we?

I recently stayed at Irene’s for the weekend and she did my hair! She gave me the whole cannoli, ya’ll. Blow dry, trim, and straighten. I have to admit, I was very excited to see what my hair looked like. I can’t even remember the last time I straightened it. I was itching so bad, I would have done it myself (if I could find my flat iron -_-).

image (1)

It took FOREVERRRRRRRRRR. Oh my God, I don’t know how people go about this process every two weeks, because I can’t deal. Blowdrying took forever, but she used a really good method and several attachments to ensure that my hair was smooth. Here’s what my hair looked like after blowdrying (so I guess this is an impromptu 2014 length check?).


As you can see, I gained a lot of length from the last time I straightened my hair, which you can easily see here: https://divinelyrooted.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/straight-hair/


My ends were struggling LOL. Not really, but it was evident that I needed a trim, so this is what it looked like after the trim

image (2)

Much better. The ends looked a lot more unified and not like some buck teeth LOL. I still had some length too, so I was pleased about that. My hair was about 14 inches before the trim, so now it might be around 13 inches.


After doing ALLA DAT, Irene then flexi rodded my straight hair for the gawds and my hair turned out flat out fabulous.

image (4) image (3) Serving, honey!!

Because I didn’t want fairy tale curls (y’know, like Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White), Irene twisted the hair around the rod as she was rolling, which gave a curl that favored curling wand curls. Didn’t I slay? I know.

I washed my straight hair out as soon as I could, though. As I’m progressing in my journey, I’m learning that I really don’t like my hair straightened as much as I used to. I could do without it. I mean, yes, straight hair is fun, but I don’t have to straighten my own hair to get that experience. I love me some straight hair, just not my own LOL

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤

My Second Length Check

Hi Everyone,
I’m back with a long overdue length check. The last time I measured my hair was last July when I still had relaxed ends. Now I’m truly natural and I want to measure the front, sides, and back of my hair. I recommend doing this every 4-5 months. The average person grows approximately 6 inches of hair a year, that equals to  1/2 an inch of growth per month. I also read that growth rate can be altered by seasons, hair can grow faster in the summer and slows down in the winter. Which isn’t that surprising.  Aside from the harsh elements, everything around us slows in the winter, that’s just nature itself. It’s also important to consider your diet and water intake because it definitely has an effect. Try to eat as healthy as you can. What you put on the inside of your body will show itself outwardly. As you might know I’m taking Manetabolism hair growth pills. I will be posting about it once I finish my one month supply. This length check was done before I started taking the pills. I also trimmed my ends several times since the last time my last measurements in July.

length check front 2 length check front front 10”

length check side 2 length check sidesides 10”

I didn’t take pictures of the center or back but my hair is 11 inches in the middle and 10 inches in the back.
Here’s the link to my previous length check. Click Here!
Happy Growth!

Straight Hair!

Hello everyone! I’m writing to you today about my flat iron experience. Prior to taking Hairfinity, I wanted to flat iron to see where I was at with my hair length. Of course, I could have just stretched it, but where’s the fun in that?
So I started on freshly cleaned and conditioned hair. This is what my hair looked like at 80% dry.


Let me tell y’all, shrinkage is the devil’s most useful weapon. If I don’t stretch my hair right out of the shower, it will shrink all the way up to my neck!
I then blew my hair out. I used a concentrator nozzle and I am sure that that helped me get it so straight and flat. I tried to get it as straight as I could before the flat ironing process.




I then went through each of my four sections and began to flat iron, piece by piece. I went over each section twice. I WISH I would have done the chase method because my ends came out a little rough. I didn’t cut any ends because although they were rough, I didn’t see any split ends. Final results?


I can’t wait to reap the results from Hairfinity!
Oh! My hair is 10 and a half inches on the right side in the back. It’s the same on the left side in the back. At the top, it’s 9 and a half. Seems like those wigs have been protective styling and doing their job! 🙂

Until next time,
Mandisa ❤️

My First Official Length Check!

Hi Everyone,

I had no intention of posting today. Actually this just wasn’t the topic I had in mind at all! But as I was detangling my hair & prepping it to be washed today, I figured it was the perfect time to take some photos of my hair while it was on my mind! I confess! I’m so guilty of not taking pictures of my hair like most people who are on a hair journey do. It always slips my mind! Nevertheless, I still think it is important to check the length of your hair. Sometimes you need that reassurance that all the time and effort you put into your hair is actually paying off! On the flip side, it’s also good to notice if something in your regime isn’t working if you aren’t experiencing as much growth as you would like. Just keep in mind that not everyone’s hair grows at the same pace, hair grows faster and slower at different periods, and not to check your hair too often. I like to space my checks a least 4 to 5 months apart.

How To Check For Length

The way I check is super easy. All I do is grab a tape measure or ruler and stretch my hair to measure from my roots to where my natural hair ends. Simple. I would imagine that this would be easier to do if your hair is straight, but I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore. So this may not give you an exact measure because it’s hard to smooth the entire strand of hair, but I’m totally okay with a rough estimate.



Until Next Time!

– Irene