2016 Length Check

Happy Sunday Everyone.
Some of you readers have been here since the very beginning of my journey. I don’t think I’ve done an official length check of the course of these 3 plus years, so here it is! I recently did a much needed trim. Like I’ve always said, health over length right? I’m all about length retention lately, so if you have any tips, be sure to let me know! In the meantime here’s length check

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The Difference Between Hair Growth and Length Retention

Hello beautiful ones! I’m here to talk to you today about something that is VERY important, at least to me. That is the difference between hair growth and length retention.

OK, so first let’s break it down, yes? Hair growth is inevitable. It’s something that just HAPPENS, like the hair on your legs or underarms grow. Growth happens every day, along with shedding. Hair (all hair, not just “black” hair) grows at a rate of 1/2 inch a month, or 6 inches a year. So the next time someone tells you that black hair can’t grow, look at them like they’re stupid, because they are! Of course black hair can grow, just like white hair can grow. When it comes to long hair, growth is not the problem.

The problem that most of us face is retention of that growth. Growing is not the problem, retaining is. Get it? Growth no, retaining yes! Length retention could be the difference between this  and this . (Of course, in this case, it’s a couple hundreds and a good weaveologist, but that’s beside the point.)

Length retention is what we really must focus on to get our hair to unimaginable lengths, and I do believe that with the right length retention techniques, you can get your hair to the length that you want, whether natural or relaxed. Here are some top length retention techniques that I’ve come across in my journey.


This is the biggest one. You have to be patient and realistic with your length retention goals. No one is going to be able to grow a mane like Naptural 85’s in one year, not even Naptural 85 herself! Allow you hair some time to do what it does best: grow! And during that time, finesse and finetune your length retention techniques to make sure that they are at their optimal performance.


Moisture is key. I can not say it enough. Whether you big chop or transition slowly, allow yourself some time to figure out what moisture retention techniques work best for you. You can use LCO, LOC, or some other technique. Because our hair loses moisture more rapidly than other textures, we have to moisturize more frequently as well.


Protein is going to make your hair strong and allow your hair shaft to defend against the elements. The prime time for protein treatments are every 4-6 weeks, although some people do it more or less often. You want to see what works for your hair, because you might be protein sensitive.


This is so important. It’s like if you hate apples. Are you going to reap the benefits from them?No! Same thing with your hair.


Be protective. Not everyday is the day to wear your fro out, including in the summertime. Sometimes you got to put those tresses up and protect them from the elements. Whether you choose to do that with wigs, braids, hats, weaves, etc. Pick your poison.


Trust me, if you spend time on your hair, it will show. Deep conditioning is, in all honestly, showing your hair some TLC. The longer it’s left in, the more benefit to your hair and scalp.

For most of us, relaxed and natural alike, life doesn’t allow for these things all the time. We can get busy with work, school, or whatever else. Not paying to our hair or giving it the things it needs leads to breakage. When hair breaks from the ends, all the length that we grew out is not retained. It usually ends up in the sink, or on the bathroom floor. However, if we give our hair that nurture that it needs, we can see optimal results!

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