6 Ways to Style Marley Twists

It’s that point in the summer season where it’s just too hot for me to be bothered with my hair. This is where my trusty protective styles come into to play. This time I chose Marley Twists.

If you’re also looking for a style with Minimal Maintenance and hot summer heat friendly, I would definitely recommend twists of some sort, or even faux locs! Here are 6 different ways to style your hair so that its up and out the way!

Look 1. Minnie Mouse Buns
This one is perfect for when your feeling fun
and it puts a new touch on an ordinary single bun


Look 2. Milkmaid Braids
Can we take a moment and appreciate how
layed my edges are. Ok. Carry on! Lol

Look 3. Simple Flat Twist
This one is perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time,
but still looks like you put in some effort. Just put your
hair to the side and twist away! So simple!


Look 4. Twisted Pony
Simple yet chic at the same time.



Look 5. Half Up Half Down Knot
The one has a little edge too it.


Look 6. Pinless Top Knot
You can’t have a hair lookbook without doing a top knot.
This one is my go to when the heat is too much to bare,
my hair is up and out of the way!


Yes, I love to switch up my styles every now and again, so I doubt that I’ll be keeping this in any longer than two weeks. Rest assure that’s more than enough time in my book! Lol

If you want to see these styles in motion be sure to watch the video.
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Curling Marley Twists

Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to show you an easy way to create a fresh new style for your marley twists. Curling your marley twists can be your basis for a sophistacted updo or any style for that matter, but if you’re like me and have those days where you just want to keep it simple, then why not just let your curls flow girl! All you need are some flexi rods and boiling hot water!

First I divided my hair in half, working from back to front. I made sure to keep the amount of twists per flexi rod to a minimum. I’d say 2-3 twists on a rod. Starting from the ends and roll to about halfway. Once your whole entire head is set, boil some water on the stove and dip each individual flexi rod into the hot water. Instead of bending down so close to the hot pot, I poured the water into a tall glass and dipped my hair in there. Make sure to have a towel around your neck to keep from burning yourself.  I left my hair in the hot water for about ten seconds. The hot water helps the synthetic hair take the shape of the flexi rod, allowing it to curl. Once I was done doing that I put a scarf on my head, and allowed my hair to set and dry over night. At this point you should be looking something like this.


Once I took out the rods this is what I was working with 🙂 The curls held up for a while I was impressed.










Talk to you guys soon. ❤
– Irene

Irene’s Marley Twists: Session 1

Hi Everyone!
It’s been quite sometime since I’ve made a post but I’m back! I hope you all are having an awesome summer. I’m actually headed to Puerto Rico with Mandisa in a few days. I’m so excited! Unfortunately summer is winding down but I will be making the most of these last couple of weeks! Since I’m leaving for vacation ya’ll know I had to install some type of protective style and Yes I chose marley twists. This has been a long time coming!


The Technique
After watching countless videos on Youtube I decided to do the invisible root method. I’m not going to sit here and say that I got the hang of it on the first try, because I didn’t. It took a lot of patience and practice. Basically you section a piece of your hair, divide that section in two, place the strands of marley hair in between those two sections you made with your natural hair, begin twisting one side of the divided section into the marley hair clockwise, and repeat the same thing on the other side counterclockwise, then twist all the way down! Yes it sounds super complicated but it’s MUCH easier to grasp if you’re watching someone do it. Once I was done, to keep my ends from unraveling, I boiled hot water and dipped my ends for a few seconds to seal them. Have a hand towel handy to catch and blot the hot water! Do yourself a favor and hop on YouTube. Here are some people that were really helpful to me DonedoNaturalMetra,Christian Byshe, & Ebony Clark

Brand, Color, Price
Originally I wanted to use 3 pieces of marley hair per section but I was starting to run out of hair, and I only purchased 5 packs for $5.99, which isn’t bad at all, so instead I opted for 2 strands of marley hair. At least I know for next time to buy more hair. I used Janet’s marley hair in the color 1b.

The process took me a day and a half to finish, granted I was in no type of rush. I made sure I wasn’t doing anything those days and dedicated the time to my hair. Yes my hands were cramping and my arms were tired but it was worth it. I’m pleased with the results. I’d much rather endure temporary finger cramps than to give someone almost $200 to do it for me. Lol

Prepping My Hair
Prior to putting the twists in I co washed my hair, deep conditioned, applied my kinky curly knot today leave in, moisturized with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and sealed my hair with shea butter and jojoba oil. If you have time I would suggest doing a protein treatment as well. I did mine a few days prior. I also let my hair air dry before putting the twists in. Aside from my normal wash day products, once I actually started installing the hair all I used was a little IC clear gel to blend my natural hair with the synthetic hair.

I have no intentions on washing my hair while it’s in this protective state. I only plan on keeping these in for about a month, but if I do cleanse my hair it will either be with ACV or diluted shampoo. But as of right now I’m not experiencing any itching, and I”ll be back soon to tell you why 😉 I’ll be sure to update you guys on that. I always say to NEVER neglect your natural when it’s in any type of style. It just defeats the purpose of “protective styling”. So every other day or so I lightly mist my hair with a leave in conditioner and seal that moisture in with some Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil. OH! You can’t forget the edge control! Lol


If you have any questions feel free to ask!
I’ll be back to talk about styling soon!
Talk to you soon.


6 Natural Hairstyles for Spring & Summer!

It’s finally starting to warm up here in New York guys and I’m super excited about it. At first my body didn’t adapt to the nice weather. The 70 degrees almost felt like 100 and I found myself complaining, but I stopped myself right in my tracks because after that brutal winter we just had, I should be more than thankful! As you might already know I like to change up my styles every now and then. So with the new season why not try out some new styles I’ve been eyeing!

1. Flower Bomb


I’ve been seeing these spring appropriate, cute flower accessories all over the place in many colors. I just haven’t been bold enough to wear them for myself. I especially think they’re a huge compliment to big curly hair. With any simple outfit this has the potential to put everything together.

2. Marley Twists


Now I’ve been wanting to rock marley twists for quite sometime. They look cute on everybody and that’s no lie! I guess I’ve been been procrastinating and I have no reason to because the hair is fairly inexpensive and they’re are plenty of helpful tutorials on how to install them. This look is a MUST for this summer. Easy. Breezy

3. The Mega Braid


I would clearly have to go to a stylist to get this done because I don’t know if I’d be able to do this myself. Regardless I love the simplicity of this style but it still manages to make a statement. This is a great protective style that could easily be worn for every occasion.

6. Protective Styles That Can Be Done With My Own Hair


I love these looks. I also want to start wearing my smedium twists again


5. Updos


I need to step up on my updo game because who wants hair in their face all the time, especially in the summer heat! These are super cute!

6. Scarfs & Turbans  


This is a big one guys. I can’t get enough of this look whether it be with a scarf or bandana, their are sooo many way to rock these looks. I’m excited for this one. You can choose to have your head completely covered or leave some hair out for a different spin. This is another easy way to spruce up any outfit for a chic carefree look. IN LOVE

I hope you enjoyed this! All the pictures were found on either pinterest or tumblr
Love you all!
Please share what looks you plan on rocking this season! I’d love to hear it.
– Irene

Washing My Marley Twists

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Today I’m gonna talk to you about washing my extensions.
Now you guys know how I am with washing my hair. I work out every week day, and add that to regular sweat (because it’s summer) and every day debris, I HAVE to wash my hair every week. However, with my extensions, I waited until the two week mark because I wanted to fight off the unavoidable frizz for as long as possible.
Never again. The itchiness, oh God, the itchiness. It was horrible.
Guys. My scalp was disgusting. It was bad. Everytime I would scratch, I would have stuff under my fingernails. It was just gross, and it was definitely time to wash. So this past weekend, I washed my hair.
I started by separating my hair into four sections, just to make it easier on myself.


I then used my spray bottle filled with diluted shampoo and began spraying, ONLY on the roots. I only sprayed on the roots because the length of the hair would be cleansed with the running water. I massaged that in very well with the pads of my fingers and moved on to the next section.



My plan was to wash each section twice, but after feeling how clean my scalp was, I kept it to one wash.
It didn’t take long at all, and when I was finished with one section, I kept it up out of the way with a clip.


I finished rather quickly, and then went on to moisturizing.


This was my scalp after cleaning.


Clean, just how I likes it! 🙂

I moisturized my hair in the four sections that I shampooed in. I went in with my Cantu Shea Butter, and then sealed with a mixture of olive and castor oils. I also oiled my scalp with the same mixture. I think it’s important to note that I did not mosturize the Marley hair. I kept it to where my hair stopped.

I moisturize my hair like this weekly, whether dirty or freshly washed. It’s important to me to keep my hair well moisturized while in a protective style such as this.

To maintain it while it dried, I braided the four sections, and then put a silk scarf, only over the crown of my head, to calm down the frizz. After a couple hours, this is how my hair looked.



All in all, this was a new experience, but not an extremely difficult or bad one.

Until next time,

Style Lookbook: Marley Twist Styles Week 1

Hi loveys! Happy Monday!
Today I’m coming to you with a style lookbook for week one of my Marley twists. It’s been really fun working with these twists for the first week, especially since I’ve never had extensions. Included in this post is a quick collage of my week one styles.


Clockwise from top: Messy Side Bun, Forward with a Twist, Twisted Side Crown, Braided Side, and The Top Knot

These styles were really simple to do, and I think the names are pretty explanatory. We’re in the middle of a heat wave this week, so I tried to get my hair off of my neck.

Messy Side Bun: This was after church on Sunday, going out with friends.


My main goal was comfort, so I didn’t do much. I kept the front twist I had from church in the morning, and made some simple pin curls and rolled it up.

Forward with a Twist: This was at church on Sunday, and I wanted a really elegant look with my hair down. Before church, I rolled the ends with flexi rods and dipped the ends in boiling hot water. That’s how I achieved the curly look. Then, all I did was pull a few strands back on either side, and that was my hair.


Twisted Side Crown: This one was a little more complicated than Sunday’s look, but still really easy.


I started with a big flat twist and just began incorporating more hair into the twist. As the twist got bigger, I pinned it at the back of my head and rolled it up.

Braided Side: This one was really fun because it looks really elegant, but it takes no time at all.


I started with a braid on the side.


And then guess what? I pinned it underneath itself, and there you have it. A really simple, but elegant braided side.

The Top Knot: Ok guys, you know how I love my top knots. I loved this one because although it was really compact, it still had the look of a big bun. I started with a high ponytail and split that into three sections. I twisted up those sections and pinned. The great thing about top knots is that there is a variation of ways to do them, so I’ll never get bored.

There you guys have it! My first week of Marley twists styles. If you try any of them, let me know. Tag me! Instagram: @mandisamarie

Until next time,

Marley Twists: The Struggle

Hello all! Happy Monday! I wanted to come to you guys today and talk to you about my Marley Twist installation.


Let me tell you guys, these twists have been a long time coming. I originally wanted to do Havana twists back in May, but then I decided I should do them over the summer.
After pushing the date of installation back, I was heart set on installing them myself. I watched TONS of videos on YouTube until I felt comfortable. Just to name a few, I was inspired by donedo05, tonidaley80, etcblogmag, jouelzy, and AddictedtoGlamXO. I bought packs of Marley hair just to do a quick demo with. But I could not seem to do Havana twists.
My hair just would not take to them. I think it was because for Havana twists, there’s a need to use two pieces of Marley hair. When I did, it would never work. The twists would always end up looking bulky and misshapen. Also, there’s the twisting clockwise/counterclockwise method that is just….really confusing. You can see a tutorial of that technique in donedo05’s video.
I researched more strategies like etcblogmag’s, tried those, and they didn’t work. Everyone I would do them, they looked janky. They never looked like “invisible roots.”
To be honest, I think that Havana twists are more for girls with really thick, 4C ish hair. Now, as I’ve said before, I don’t know what hair type I am. However, I do know that the hair that grows out of my scalp is more curly and coily than kinky.
Because the Havana twists method requires you to use two pieces of Marley hair, your own hair that you braid in must be super think and kinky to mimic the Marley hair. That being said, I don’t think Havana twists are for me.

So then, I got depressed. But if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! So I tried installing my twists with one piece of Marley hair rather than two, and it worked! I started by braiding the hair in at the root very close to the scalp (but not too close!), and then twisting the length of the hair all the way down.
I used regular Marley hair that I picked up from my local beauty supply store that cost around $7 a pack, and they were big packs. There were two good sized bundles that came in each, and after finishing my entire head, I have one full bundle and a half left. This is with doing my parts relatively small.

The whole process took around four hours, including a 20 minute break in the middle. I used nothing but a little gel to smooth my hair and to blend it better.
These Marley twists were done on freshly washed hair. I had originally meant to do my twists on Saturday night, but I gave up after too many failed attempts with methods that didn’t work for me. So on Saturday night, I just moisturized and sealed, along with oiling my scalp. So my hair was nice and moisturized going into these twists.
The length of the twists is mid back. I simply added the hair the way it came in the package. I didn’t cut or do anything to the hair.
My hair was stretched, but by way of braiding. I did not blow dry my hair specifically because I didn’t want the shaft to be smooth. If so, the hair would be more apt to fall out. After moisturizing and sealing, I French braided my hair in the four sections that I had washed them in.
After the twisting was finished, the ends looked pretty ratty, so I pretzeled then ends into flexi rods (gray in the back, green in the front) and dipped them in boiling hot water. This seals in the moisture and also seals the synthetic hair so that it won’t unravel.
Let’s see….I am fully in love with these twists. I plan to keep them in for the rest of the summer, which really isn’t bad. I don’t really go anywhere these days, so hopefully they’ll be able to keep. But I love them! 🙂

During the following weeks, I’ll be coming to you with styling options, how I maintain them, moisturizing, washing, sleeping in them, etc. So keep an eye out for those!


Until next time,
Mandisa ❤