Flat Ironing My Natural Hair

Hey Everyone, A couple weeks ago I made an attempt to flat iron my hair. Although the results weren’t horrible, my hair just didn’t turn out as I anticipated. Still yet I decided to upload what I did on Youtube, just so that someone could learn from my mistakes, and I can also look back and see what I did wrong.

Before flat ironing my hair I applied one of my favorite moisturizers by Shea Moisture.  It’s the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion. It even suggests that it’s perfect for protecting hair during heat styling. Maybe I used too much… Although I normally love this moisturizer when I blow out my hair, I think it’s too heavy to use when I’m straightening it. Otherwise I have no complaints about this product.

Next time around I plan to use something much lighter, like a leave in conditioner of some sort.

Also, when I shampoo my hair I only lather it up once. I find that shampooing my hair twice only strips my hair of its natural oils, and it much harder to detangle, but I figured that if I plan to flat iron again, I should shampoo 2x that way my hair if thoroughly clarified and has a fresh clean start.

 I’ve been natural going on 4 years and I’m still learning new things about my hair. It’s all about trial and error. Like they always say practice makes perfect. Be sure to check out my video and leave any tips or suggestions that you may have that would help me out the next time around!


Much love,