The Comprehensive Guide To Starting A Creamy Crack Free Life

Regardless of why or how you made the decision to go natural, we all wish there was some kind of owner’s manual to it. To be honest, there is not. Every natural’s journey is different. We all have different hair, so why did we think we would all have the same journey? Here are some things to keep in mind when starting your own journey to the creamy crack free life.

Journal Your Progress

This is so important. It is only when you journal your progress that you begin to see what things work for your hair and what don’t. You can also see the leaps and bounds your hair has come, and be encouraged! Whether you journal your progress in pictures, videos, or a blog (like this one), PLEASE do this! You won’t have a chance to do it when you have a head full of curlies!

Create A Routine, But Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Self-explanatory. Creating a routine is very important for many reasons. Not only does it allow your hair to get used to what you are “feeding” it, but it also gives you some TLC with your hair, and teaches you how to handle it. But don’t get too into your routine that you don’t try new things. I don’t even have a routine pat down yet, and I’m a year in! Trying new products is imperative! How else are you going to know what your hair likes and what it doesn’t like?

Search For YouTube Friends

In my opinion, this is the ABSOLUTE best tip that one can get! It wasn’t until I found the natural community on YouTube that I really began to get creative with my hair. Not only can you steal ideas (lol), you can also get some inspiration of you own! And you might just make some friends along the way!

Sign Up For a Subscription Service, Like CurlBox or CurlKit

Unfortunately, I no longer receive CurlBox. However, I don’t regret getting it. Signing on to one of these monthly subscription services is great because it gives you the opportunity to try new products without breaking the bank.

Protective Styles Are Your Friend

Wigs, half wigs, braids, twists, buns. They are all protective styles. They keep your hair protected from the strong elements of outdoors and give your hair some down time. They’re also really cute! 🙂

Get A Hold of Some Essential Oils

Essential oils are necessary to a curl girl’s lifestyle. Let me break it down. Our scalp naturally creates oil, called sebum. However, because our hair is so curly and makes so many twists and turns down the hair shaft, the oil can not travel down the hair shaft. This is why we must supplement with essential oils and water based moisturizers, which leads me into the final tip….

Use A Water Based Moisturizer

Water has many benefits for our hair. By using water, we give our hair moisture and make it easier for any other product that we put on it to coat all the strands evenly.


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