Why THIS blog?

This blog was created with one goal in mind. We want to help, inspire, and implore our women to keep on pressing on! None of us are better than the other, or better than anyone else. We all come from different backgrounds, but we are united with one purpose. We want to help fellow apostolic women GROW their hair to lengths that they never even thought they could! It can happen! It can be disheartening to look at girls from other backgrounds with their hair to mid-back and wonder why ours can’t be like that, but it can! I can’t begin to explain the length that our hair can have if we start to take care of our crown and glory! Let’s embark on this journey together!




One thought on “Why THIS blog?

  1. Hi there,

    If you’re interested, I would like to see if you would want to include your blog in the Natural Hair Blog Directory so that we can spread the word about your blog! Even if your blog is already popular we just want to form some unity in that Natural Hair Blog world and to help other naturals find a variety of blogs that they can relate to.

    If you want to sign up, visit http://www.thenhbdirectory.com and fill out the profile application. We have 140+ blogs so far and would love to list yours! All vlogs and blogs are welcomed as long as they talk about natural hair from time to time.

    Feel free to email thenhbdirectory@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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