Long Time No See!

Hi Everyone!
I know it has been insanely long since either of us has posted anything. I personally don’t even have a real excuse as to why I have been so absent. I’m sure you guys understand how life is, and I didn’t just want to post anything unless I’ve given it some real thought. I’m the type of person where if I’m not going to be giving it my 100%, than I rather not give it anything. Being an all or nothing girl has its perks and disadvantages I guess. Big thanks to all the people around the world who still read our blog on a regular basis, y’all are the best. Anyways, I’m back now and I have some exciting news to share! I started a Youtube channel! This is something I wanted to do since about my senior year in high school, almost four years ago and I finally got the guts and the means to do it. I hope you guys will Like, Comment, & Subscribe to my channel! I’m super excited about this and I hope you are too.

– Irene
Here is my first video. Be on the look out for more. <3

Shea Moisture Does It Again!

Heyyyy y’all! Happy Saturday! I didn’t think I was going to come back and do a product review on a gift bag product (see last post) so soon, but this product called for it. Today, I’m reviewing Shea Moisture’s Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair and Scalp Serum.  


This serum claims to nourish the scalp with Marula oil and Biotin, and add vibrancy to dull, lackluster hair. 

The ten things are age defy, color protect, hydrate, nourish, soften, anti-stress, manageability, smooth, heat protect, and shine. The age defy, color protect, and anti stress capabilities didn’t really have anything to do with me. I more so used it for the other qualities.

The directions state that you are to use this as a pre wash and leave it for one hour prior to cleansing. 

To use this serum, I took my hair down from the bun that it had been in all week. Prior to using this, I had not touched my hair since Tuesday. After that, I kept it in the bun and went about my day, which included the gym almost every day. At the gym, depending on what I’m doing, I sweat a lot in my hair. So as you can probably imagine, my hair was really dry and needed some attention.

I put only two sprays of water from my water bottle on each section, so my hair still very dry for the most part. I did this because I know that oil and water don’t mesh, and I wanted to reap the benefits of the serum. After I put the serum in, I went to the gym for about an hour.

All in all, the serum was in my hair for about two hours. I know that it was working because I was sweating, and I knew that my body heat would activate it. 

Guys. When I took my hair down, it was SO soft and manageable! I was pleasantly surprised! This product is A GO for me, definitely. 

I would say go ahead and give it a try, for sure. 

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤️

Dinner with CurlFriends ❤️

Hello y’all! As you can infer from the title, I recently went to a natural hair meet up! It was organized by Crystal of Long Island Naturals (hayyyy girl!) and Jenell (hayyyy girl!!) of KCCM was the special guest! Being that Jenell is new to the Island, we had to show out LOL


We went to a low key Jamaican spot called Dunn’s River Lounge. The event was about $40, which was an AMAZING deal when you hear about the things we went home with.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our gift bags, which were amazing! This event was sponsored by so many different natural hair care lines that we have all heard before, like SheaMoisture, Carol’s Daughter, and others.

We ate, drank, and were merry LOL

We began with playing Bingo (which I won!) and then Jenell began the raffle (which I also won!). But mostly, we just talked. It was truly an amazing time! Me and Jenell became besties, while Irene got kicked to the basement 😂😂😂😂😂 (insider)

Just look at all the swag I came home with!

   There’s also a picture from Pardon My Fro that I won in the raffle that is absolutely going in my bathroom!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!



I can not wait until the next one!

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤️

Curly Pony Frohawk!

Hello Lovely People!
I’ve been wanting to try out this fun and edgy style for a couple weeks, but I had to get my hands on some perm-rods. Luckily my cousin just got some from our local beauty supply store! Thanks Shay! Anyway, TheChicNatural on Youtube inspired this style. It didn’t look too hard at all. I’ve done frohawks in the past. You can check out my other post here!. But never using the pony tail method. I normally just pin the sides of my hair up.

All I did was part my hair into 6 sections and put them into pony tails. To be completely honesty, I totally suck at parting my hair, but I tried my best to make them as decent as I could. I recommend dividing your hair in 3 sections, and then part those sections in half.

Before putting my hair into the hair tie, I made sure I slicked up the sides of my hair with some gel and a nice bristle brush.

Then working from my first pony at the nape, I split the pony tail in two, sprayed the piece of hair with water, smoothed it with my brush and dab of gel, and rolled it up on the perm rod. I did this for every section. Then I just let it air dry for a couple hours.

By the time I got to the top of my head, I ran out of the orange perm-rods, so I used my green ones and actually I ended up liking those curls better. Now I know what I prefer for the future. :) I’m not going to lie, I’m a little worried about taking the hair ties out my hair. I’m afraid of snagging or pulling my hair out, just take your time!

I hope this helps!


Twist and Curl

Heyyyyyyy ya’ll!!!! Long time no see, I know. To be completely honest, I hit a natural hair “wall” some time ago. Nothing looked right. My twist outs were just not prospering like they normally do. 😔

You would think that I, with nearly two years natural experience, would not encounter that sort of problem. But that’s the thing about natural hair; it’s ALWAYS evolving. Getting longer, changing texture, etc. 

MY hair has always had two textures, since the day I began transitioning. It’s very curly in the back (think Tia and Tamera Mowry) and kinkier in the front (think Jenell B. Stewart.)  So the front always needs more than what the back has, but I have to be careful because applying more product can weigh the back of my head down very easily. 

Anywho, here’s what I recently did to appease both sections:

On freshly washed hair, I two strand twisted while incorporating small sections about three fourths of the way down. When I stopped, I rolled the remaining hair onto the smallest flexi rod I have, which is the yellow one.

As you can see, they’re pretty small. I made fourteen twists, and put on my bonnet to let them air dry.

Here are my results after taking them down the next morning.

A very shrunken and defined curly fro. I didn’t think I’d like it because of the shrinkage, but I loved it. I was also able to get second day hair. To prepare for sleep, I pineappled in four sections. 

Still curly, defined, and shrunken. (With minimal frizz, might I add.)

By Wednesday, I did have to resort to a puff because of loss of definition in the hair shaft, but the flexi rod part was still curled perfectly.

I’m excited to try this with other sizes of flexi rods, maybe even perm rods, and see how they turn out.

Until next time,

Mandisa ❤️

Review: Vitagood Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Hey Everyone!
Since this baby came in the mail, wash day has been way less dreadful. I’ve seen numerous reviews about this gadget on Youtube, and pretty much each and every one barely had anything negative to say about it. I had to try it for myself! Anything that promises to promote a healthier scalp, control dandruff, lift away dead skin cells, massage and invigorate your scalp, AND simply just make wash day a lot easier for me, I’m all on it like white on rice. Simply said, this Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush does all the work your fingers ordinarily would, and I’m here to tell you all about it! The price for this is originally $39.99…yes, you read that correctly. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t trying to pay that regardless of how great it is. Thanks to Whitney aka Naptural85, I was able to get this brush for just $12.00 (Inserts Shout Here)! Yeah, there was no resisting after that.
– Really easy to use
– Feels great
– Affordable (Once you find coupon codes :D)
– Cleans your scalps amazingly & thoroughly
– Portable & Easy to travel with
– Waterproof
– Easy to handle

– Hard to open and put in the AA Battery

My Thoughts:
Honestly this Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush does exactly what it advertised to do. I have to say I did have a hard time trying to unlock it so I could unscrew and insert the battery, but besides that it’s great. Not only does it save me time but it also effort! I will be using it for shampooing and definitely cowashing. I feel like it will really take my cowashes to another level of clean! Since it is winter my scalp has been getting dry and itchy lately. I noticed after using this my scalp is less itchy. Because I’m naturally heavy-handy I have to remind myself not to apply too much pressure when using this, because I really don’t need to. The soft rubber tips and the vibration does the work for you. All I do is gently massaging this in my scalp in circular motions. This product is something would recommend for any hair type. Although if your hair is curly and/or kinky it’s probably more likely to tangle, so I would use this while working in sections, holding that ends of the section, just to keep everything organized and manageable. On the other hand if your hair is straight, you don’t have to worry about that. It would also make for a good gift. I got Mandisa one for Christmas. :) She will be back to comment on her thoughts on it as well. I personally want to know what she thinks.

I hope this helps!
Talk to you soon,

Bentonite Clay Mask

Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are doing well and if you’re in the New York area staying warm!
Anyways I’m actually writing a post about my first experience using bentonite clay on my hair,
just a few hours after using it. That’s how excited I am to share everything with you. I purchased
my bentonite clay off of Ebay months ago, with every intention of using it for my hair, and I’m just
now getting around to it.


Cleanses & Softens
Bentonite clay is super absorbent and has the ability to clarify your hair without leaving it with that stripped feeling, which I can testify to today. When I rinsed the clay out of my hair, I never expected it to make my hair feel so soft like I just conditioned it. I made sure after rinsing to check my scalp for any build up, dirt or residue. Mind you I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks before this, and my scalp was CLEAN folks.

Before you get ready to mix your clay, I would recommend wearing an old t-shirt because this can get a tad messy. I made sure to have clips on hand so I could separate my hair into four workable sections. To mix your mask, its important that you’re using both a plastic bowl and spoon because the clay can draw the impurities out of metal.

I used a very simple recipe. All you need is apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, water, and of course the clay. I personally didn’t measure anything. I poured some clay into the plastic bowl, then the apple cider vinegar (it will start to sizzle), about a tablespoon of olive oil, and water. Just eyeball it. The trick is to add the ingredients a small amount at a time, until you reach that creamy smooth consistency. I ended up with more than I needed and used the extra as a face mask. :) IMG_4568

I separated my hair into 4 sections, working from back to front. Before smoothing the clay into my hair, I sprayed each section thoroughly with water. This just helps the mix to distribute MUCH easier. I applied it to my hair, roots, and scalp, smoothing it all the way to ends. Once it was on every inch of my hair, I left it in for about 30 mins, but not to the point where it was rock hard. Then I rinsed it out with warm water with no trouble. Make sure you rinse thoroughly



I was super surprised by the results! You could probably tell that already. I will definitely be doing this more often. My curls were clumped together, super defined, popping, and completely frizz-less! I was in love. I deep conditioned afterwards for added moisture, but I really didn’t have to. Stay tuned for my wash and go attempt!

I hope this helps one of you!
Until next time!
– Irene